Your Visual March Madness “Coffee Break” Planner

Brian Janosch

published on March 21, 2013 in Fun

The 2013 NCAA Tournament – otherwise known as March Madness – begins this Thursday, and the unfortunate souls tied to their desk for the remainder of the week face the challenge of watching the games while working.

For all of you, we have a solution: a visual guide for lunch breaks, coffee breaks, and prolonged trips to the bathroom with your iPad. These are the times most likely to contain can’t-miss action, so study them, print them out and put them on your desk.

Before We Begin…
Be prepared! Download the NCAA March Madness Live app on your smartphone or tablet for discrete game-watching under the conference room table. Also, scout out the nearest TV, either in your office or at the nearest bar. Should a game get interesting, you’ll want to get in front of a screen in less than two minutes.