Visual Inspiration: Word Trees, Maps and the Perfect March Madness Bracket

Jared Fanning

published on March 26, 2013 in Design

At, we are constantly coming across amazing data visualizations: from mind-blowing interactive infographics and visualization tools to static designs or videos that leave a lasting impression. The work of others inspires us to work harder ourselves at creating visualizations and visualization tools — or at the very least gives us a fun topic of conversation or tool to play with.

We’d love to share with you some of our findings each week. Here are three to start:

Word Trees

Thanks to Jason Davies, you can transform any text, url or Twitter handle into a detailed word-based visualization known as a word tree. He’s even provided a bookmarklet to allow you to click and instantly turn your current page into a word tree. To learn more about word trees, click here.


Herb Lester Maps

Herb Lester Associates “publish guides for tourists and locals: witty, pretty, curious and opinionated.” They’ve used some of the best illustrators to create maps for Paris, London, Austin, New York, and our favorite – San Francisco.


The Odds of a Perfect NCAA March Madness Bracket


Still have a perfect bracket? Not likely. DePaul Professor Jeff Bergen has the formula that can tell you your odds of filling out a perfect NCAA Baskeball Tournament bracket.

Jared Fanning is a Creative Director at He had his pencils taken away in middle school for drawing too much, and spent his summers in the bleachers at Wrigley Field.