Valentine’s Day Visualized

Colleen Barrett

published on February 13, 2013 in Fun

Valentine’s Day is on the calendar, which means romantic obligations and heightened expectations are in the air. So in the name of love — or lust, like, or whatever is enough for you — we decided to explore the truth behind all those symbols, from red roses and candy hearts, to romantic home-cooked or fancy prix-fixe dinners.

How we did it? We surveyed ourselves. That is, every number you see in the Valentine’s day charts is made up. For once, our purpose was not to visualize and inform, but rather to make you smile. Happy Valentine’s Day!

1. Hey Girl, will you be my Valentine?


2. Among other things…


3. Only makes sense in the movies


4. What women want


5. Could get messy


Charts by Jess Bachman.