Visual Storytelling: A Tale of Two Cows

Visual Storytelling: A Tale of Two Cows

Visually recently published an infographic that illustrated a joke from the 1940s. The story in the joke was roughly the same as the story has always been, the main thing that changed is the illustrations helping to show the concepts in the story. But the graphic passed 76,000 views on (and almost 600,000 views across other sites) in less than 4 days, and shows no signs of slowing down. In the meantime, the same text version of the joke has a limited number of shares on social networks.


Why has the visual version been so successful?

1. It’s a great story to begin with
First, let’s be honest; the joke itself is golden. It has survived through huge changes in popular culture over many decades. It is entertaining... keep reading

A Closer Look at Garbage

Steph Guinan recently finished an infographic on garbage creation in the US. This is some of what she discovered during her research on the topic. The EPA estimates that each person in the US produces 4.43 pounds of garbage per day. With a growing population, even moderate attempts to reduce the cycle of consumption... keep reading

The Oscars 2013: A Look at the Nominees’ History of Success at the Academy Awards

Every year, the best and the boldest of Hollywood are on display at the Academy Awards. The 85th Oscars, as in previous years, features a vast array of veteran and new talent. In this infographic, we can see just how nominations and awards stack up for this contending this year. So pull up a... keep reading