It Showed Up Where? Some of the Most Intriguing Uses of Infographics

It Showed Up Where? Some of the Most Intriguing Uses of Infographics

Infographics have been around forever, but they’ve never been more popular than they are today. What used to be a creative visualization technique for a relatively small number of people is now a primary go-to tool for sharing information. is a testament to this data visualization explosion. In less than two years, users have uploaded nearly 30,000 infographics and data visualizations to the site. Our community of designers, journalists and users is at 50,000 strong and is growing every day.

As with most new information technologies that go mainstream, infographics have become an integral part of the online superhighway. And they keep popping up in the most interesting and unusual places. Here are some of our favorites.

A Marriage Proposal
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Illusions in Data Visualization

Data visualizations are effective ways for inputting information into a human’s brain, and as Visual Analytics Researcher at Tableau Software and advisor Robert Kosara says, visualizations are what makes our world real. But even when the people who created the visualization are being honest, we can’t always trust what our eyes are showing... keep reading