How to Rebuild an Art Scene

How to Rebuild an Art Scene

Honolulu as a city sinks to the bottom of coastal art cities. It’s rife with tourist-appeasing art: unburdened tropical sunsets, decontextualized native people, kitsch of every kind decorated with happy sea and island life. Even Travel + Leisure listed the city at the bottom of its culture rankings for museums and galleries in 2012.

It’s also a city that’s actively doing something positive about its art scene.

How does one do that? It likely involves nurturing a culture around art that is both approachable and accessible.

Following the lead of a number of cities nationwide, The Big Pineapple holds a monthly Night Market — an evening art fair meets street fair meets street art — that encourages both artists and buyers to step into each other’s shoes.

The event helps the city of 400,000, overrun by more than 7 million visitors per year, to find its own artistic voice. (Plenty of people come to... keep reading

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