Create A Better Brand Social Media Profile

Create A Better Brand Social Media Profile

Nearly three quarters of online adults in the U.S. use social media, and 53 percent of active social networkers follow a brand. So with social media becoming an ever-more-standard online marketing tool, it’s becoming harder for brands to stand out among their competitors. Good design, especially for smaller brands, is absolutely necessary.

Here are a few guidelines on making the most of the limited customizable options provided by social networking platforms. While this post focuses on Facebook and Twitter, which are the most widely used by brands and have some of the most customizable features, the same principles apply across platforms.

Have a clear message

A good profile is simple and direct about what the company sells and its personality. Choose only images that identify the brand or tell its story.

Pay attention to “about me” fields. Be succinct but descriptive, and always include contact information to help potential customers find out how... keep reading

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7 Ways To Pick Images That Click

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