5 Content Marketing Hacks Using Social Media Data

5 Content Marketing Hacks Using Social Media Data

Social media marketing and content marketing are two of the best ways for advertisers to get a message across. But they can be even better together, especially when marketing content leans heavily on social media data.

In the current media landscape, marketing decisions must be based and validated by data. But this data can be used for more than just informing future decision-making. Utilizing social media data in your content marketing efforts can provide a fresh and creative twist to online advertising. Check out these five content hacks to make the most out of social media data.

1. Promote Yourself With a Data-Driven Blog Post

Buffer, the social media sharing startup, is well known for its exceptionally active blog. A recent blog post in conjunction with CoSchedule analyzed the impact that various social media headline tactics and had on traffic. By diving into the data and creating a piece of... keep reading

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