Infographic Competition: Raising Awareness to End Impunity

Infographic Competition: Raising Awareness to End Impunity
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Being a journalist can be dangerous. One journalist is killed a week on average for doing their job of bringing news and information to the public. Many more suffer other kinds of attacks, threats, and harassments, including imprisonment.

At Visually, we care about freedom of speech for everyone. We know that the world is a better place when we are all allowed to speak our mind without fear of any sort. Expression of thought is critical to creativity and is a core part of being human. Visual communications today are a hot journalistic practice, so we feel this issue applies to the entire designer community just as much as it applies to journalists.

UNESCO also has a major stake in promoting free speech. In 1945, UNESCO was founded in order to respond to the firm belief of nations, forged by two world... keep reading

مسابقة رسومات بيانية: زيادة الوعي لإنهاء مسألة الإفلات من العقاب

دعوة إلى جميع مصمّمي الجرافيك: شاركوا في مسابقة رسومات بيانية جديدة تنظّمها اليونسكو وموقع Visually! وسوف يحصل الفائز على جائزة بقيمة 2000 دولار أمريكي، فضلا عن أعلى درجة تغطية إعلامية تقدّمها اليونسكو ووسائل الإعلام الدولية الشريكة لها. وقد تتاح فرص الحصول على درجات الشرف التي تسمح بالعمل مباشرة مع اليونسكو على تنفيذ مشاريع مستقبلية... keep reading

The Great Content Shock: Why It’s Time To Rethink Your Content Marketing Strategy

With the proliferation of search engine penalties, marketers are moving away from illicit online marketing strategies and towards content marketing.  Gone are the days where buying links, getting listed on article directories, or forum spam can get your site to rank safely in Google.  In the absence of these cheap and quick tactics, companies... keep reading