5 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy Using Resources Hidden in Plain Sight

5 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy Using Resources Hidden in Plain Sight

Marketers are always looking for the next big way to leverage new and existing platforms; always trying out the latest trends in content marketing and social media. If listicles, Upworthy headlines, “epic” selfies and Twitter photo collages are the new thing, then everyone jumps in. But if your ultimate goal is to get your brand seen and their brand message heard, does swimming with the crowd help — or does it ultimately drown out your message?

How do you create content that rises above the noise and resonates with your target audience?

It’s simple: Get to know your audience first! Your can make a big impact by first understanding where your audience lives and how your audience engages with various content. The good news? You don’t need to invest in fancy new tools or platforms to get that information. Below we will show you different ways you can use existing social... keep reading

“India Jones” and the Case of Native Ads in 2014

“India Jones” and the Native Ad A recent “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” segment went to India to find corruption in democracy, but found it somewhere more troubling. Reporter Jason Jones traveled to India to report on it’s recent elections and news industry. During his time overseas, he discovered that India has 93,000 registered... keep reading

A Risk That Paid Off: Nike’s Last Game Animated World Cup Commercial

With the 2014 World Cup getting underway, you can always count on 2 things:   Rowdy fans are going to collect in masses to scream at their televisions in living rooms and sports bars across the globe as they watch the biggest game in the world of football (soccer for us US folks).  ... keep reading