6 Best Practices For Visual Content Marketing

6 Best Practices For Visual Content Marketing
  • Become storytellers: Modern marketing is less about selling and more about creating brand experiences fueled by brand storytelling. You only have about eight seconds to catch consumers’ attention. To make those seconds count, thoroughly investigate your customers. Some ways to do this:
    • Start with exhaustive persona profiles to build buyer paths from high-level awareness down to purchase so that you’re creating the right types of offers to deliver the appropriate content at every stage of the buying process.
    • Persona research should include: raw data (surveys, internal sales, and analytics data), interviews with sales and support teams, and discussions with or polls sent to existing customers.
  • Add Interest to Email. Despite news of its demise, email is still a marketing workhorse. However, businesses must stop the “spray and pray” method in lieu of incorporating smarter strategies driven by automation to get the most... keep reading

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    What Makes A Great Explainer Video?

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