Battle of the Long Distance Races

Battle of the Long Distance Races

If you’re not a runner, it can be hard to wrap your head around the idea of running 26.2 miles. Words like “crazy” might come to mind when you as much as think about it.

But for those who’ve come to love running – whether they just started going ’round the block last month or have been competing in their age groups for years – the marathon distance is the ultimate goal; a bucket list type of thing.

A marathon is long enough to challenge you physically and mentally and to test your endurance, spirit and heart, not to mention your love of and commitment to the sport. Do not fool yourself, in training you will cover many, many hundreds of miles. And so it is: when it comes to long distance running, the marathon has all the glory.

But in recent years, it isn’t the marathon that’s exploding in... keep reading

The Perks of Being an In-House Designer

Being an in-house designer isn’t as sexy as working at a big-shot design agency or having your own business. It’s certainly no Mad Men. As Museum of Modern Art Creative Director Julia Hoffmann pointed out in a recent AIGA/NY lecture, “In the House III: The Rise of In-House Design,” design agencies and freelancers are perceived as having... keep reading

Visualizing Our Favorite TV Shows

There are infographics for pretty much everything these days. But of all the topics or issues you could tackle, one of the easiest to visualize successfully — both in terms of quality and shareability — are television shows. Why? For one, many TV shows have twisty plots or complicated relationships that just beg to... keep reading