Love, Sex, and Infographics

Love, Sex, and Infographics

With text messaging, social networks, and compatibility algorithms complicating the already intimidating (and sometimes downright frightening) world of love and sex, you may be feeling like you need a little guidance. Infographics to the rescue! Here are some useful and enlightening love and sex visualizations for 21st century romantics.

Should I Text Him?

You met at a party or went on a date, exchanged numbers… and nothing. Or you have a secret crush who doesn’t know you exist. In all cases, texting feels like an easy and safe way to make contact. But is it really a good idea? Text messaging makes the bold overture simpler, but adds layers of unknowns (Did he get my sarcasm?) and the stress of ill-conceived split-second responses (I can’t believe I just wrote that!) Use this helpful decision tree as a guide (but don’t necessarily take it seriously!). And always remember: friends don’t let... keep reading

Visual Inspiration: Distance to Mars, Icons Times, World of Motion

1. Distance to Mars A simple, but fun visual. If the Earth was 100 pixels wide, traveling at 7,000 pixels a second, how far away would Mars be? 2. Icons Times Icons Times visually reports breaking news from around the world. Instead of text or photography it focuses on information icons and graphics to... keep reading

20 Super Infographics About Superheroes

We all have things in our lives that are out of our control: other people, companies, governments, natural events. Superheroes provide us with a fantasy of regaining at least some of that control. They captivate the imagination of kids everywhere, and provide an appealing dream world for people to escape to. Here is a... keep reading