Visualizing Our Favorite TV Shows

Visualizing Our Favorite TV Shows

There are infographics for pretty much everything these days. But of all the topics or issues you could tackle, one of the easiest to visualize successfully — both in terms of quality and shareability — are television shows.

Why? For one, many TV shows have twisty plots or complicated relationships that just beg to be laid out in a beautiful design. Since television is visual by its very nature, the visual aspects of those infographics are already there — and in many cases, the fans would appreciate them for that alone. But most importantly, let’s not forget that designers and data visualization professionals are people too — and like most of us, they have their favorite TV shows. When you create an infographic about something you enjoy, love or even obsess about, you will design not only with knowledge, but with heart as well.

Here are nine such visualizations.

1. A Graphic... keep reading

Infographics and Politics: Shaping Public Opinion on Facebook

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Visual Inspiration: Taxi Fares, Knolling, World Cities at Night

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