Reporting From The Data Visualization Summit

Reporting From The Data Visualization Summit

Innovation Enterprise is currently putting on the Data Visualization Summit as a part of the Big Data Innovation Summit.

The theme of the conference is “Data in, Decisions out,” and the presentations so far have shown several case studies of companies doing just that. Here are three of the highlights from the talks that took place on Thursday, April 11.

Drew Linzer from Emory University gave a fantastic talk on his 2012 presidential election predictions. He covered how he built his prediction model and kept it more stable so predictions were consistent even when new polls were added. He also discussed the challenges of building aesthetically pleasing charts with no formal training.

Andy Kriebel from Facebook covered his path from visualization novice through... keep reading

A Community For Visualization

This presentation was given by Drew Skau at the Data Visualization Summit. Visually has created a community around data visualization and infographics. We have done our best to nurture this community and help it to thrive. The presentation covers some of what we’ve done to try to help build the ecosystem that supports the... keep reading

Finding Meaning—and Relationships—in Abstraction

Choosing what information to leave out can be harder — and more important — than choosing what to include. Restraint directs people to meaning, while excess information only clouds the focus. This rule applies as much in data visualization as it does in art. In Visual Explanations, Edward Tufte elegantly likens the trajectory of... keep reading