Visual Inspiration: Dot Map, Petri Projects, Google Street View Hyper-Lapse

Visual Inspiration: Dot Map, Petri Projects, Google Street View Hyper-Lapse
Dot Map

An interactive map of every person counted by the 2010 US, 2011 Canadian, and 2010 Mexican censuses. The map has 454,064,098 dots – one for each person. The project is open to the public domain and you can even download high-res images or purchase prints.

Petri Projects

Artist Klari Reis uses reflective epoxy polymer to paint electron microscope images of natural and unnatural cellular reactions. See the project here.

Google Street View Hyper-lapse

Teehan+Lax has created a tool that stitches together Google Street view images into a hyper-lapse photography video – a technique combining time-lapse and sweeping camera movements. Check out the sample video below, go here to make your own, or even download the source code.

Google Street View Hyperlapse from Teehan+Lax Labs on Vimeo.


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