Visually Nominated for a Webby Award

Visually Nominated for a Webby Award

At Visually, we believe that visualization and infographics are changing the way we communicate and distribute data and information on the web. So it should come as little surprise that we were thrilled to find out that we have been nominated for a Webby Award, in the Websites: Web Services and Applications category.

In a little more than two short years, Visually has become the largest platform for distributing infographics on the web. We are proud to serve our ever-expanding community of information designers, data journalists and web users, and connect data visualization professionals with companies seeking the creative talent for their next data visualization or infographic project.

If you are a Visually fan or simply a fan of infographics and data visualization, we would be honored to have your vote!

The good news is that voting is as easy as 1-2-3 and should take no more... keep reading

Visualized: The Rise and Fall(s) of Bitcoin

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Visually Marketplace Designer Spotlight: Alyssa George

Visually’s Marketplace connects thousands of designers with clients seeking to commission infographics and data visualizations. Every week, we feature a member of our designer community here, on the blog. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at Name: Alyssa George Age: 22 On Visually: alyssa_george In Design: 5      ... keep reading