The Story of a Knight

The Story of a Knight

Marco Sors created an interesting map that tells the story of a Knight. Here is his take on the creative process of a multimedia story.

Can history be fun? With visual storytelling, maybe yes.

I’ve built the hypothetical adventure of a medieval knight using the recent resources of frontend development, to show how the past can be reinterpreted and become contemporary: Story of a knight. Use the numbers on the bottom-right to move the knight around Italy, Balkan area and Austria in a sort of “self-growth novel”.

I’ve used and merged some technologies:

  • The background is a big Google map iframe (covered by a parchment in alpha opacity to give an ancient look and feel)
  • Multimedia contents with HTML5 video and audio tag
  • Font-face with old taste (Essay1743)
  • jQuery plugin Scrollpath by Joel... keep reading

The High Art of Craft and Design

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Game of Thrones Graphic Tribute

Nigel Evan Dennis is a big Game of Thrones fan. His fascination with the series drove him to create a graphic tribute website to the show. Here are some of his thoughts on the process. A Graphic Tribute To ‘Game Of Thrones’ infographic I started watching Game of Thrones since the first episode —... keep reading