“Creative” Things Designers Do: Pie Chart Edition

“Creative” Things Designers Do: Pie Chart Edition

Last week, we showed you some of the ways designers get creative – perhaps too creative – with bar charts. Another visualization element that is often customized to match a look and feel of a graphic is the pie chart.

Radial charts are already on the fringe of effective data visualization when compared to cartesian charts, but there are cases where they can still be used beneficially. Unfortunately, designers often add their own twists that damage the effectiveness of pie charts.

Let’s take a look at nine of the tweaks that designers make to pie charts, and dissect if and how they are harming the communication of the data.

  • Donut Charts are the most common tweak done to pie charts. The center of the circle is a powerful location, and having it available to place a statistic or icon can really make that element stand out. This does produce some... keep reading

  • The Civic Data Challenge

    Visually is proud to announce that we will be helping with the Civic Data Challenge! The challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate, and is aimed at turning the raw data of ‘civic health’ into useful applications and visualizations that have direct impact on public decision-making. The challenge has an interesting approach... keep reading

    The Story of a Knight

    Marco Sors created an interesting map that tells the story of a Knight. Here is his take on the creative process of a multimedia story. Can history be fun? With visual storytelling, maybe yes. Story of a Knight infographic I’ve built the hypothetical adventure of a medieval knight using the recent resources of frontend... keep reading