Our Strange Cosmetic Lives

Our Strange Cosmetic Lives

It’s a fact: human beings have imperfections. But that doesn’t mean they have to like them; not when covering, contouring, injecting, surgically removing, surgically enhancing, chemically peeling, laser shooting, and medication can make those imperfections disappear. And it’s all thanks to science. Along with its many essential, life-giving technologies, science has also brought a seemingly endless supply of strange, expensive, painful, and sometimes dangerous tools and techniques for fighting that omnipresent enemy of the face and physique: time. In this case, science isn’t driven by the pure motivation of discovery. It’s heavily funded by a culture that values very specific types of beauty. Few people are born who meet this standard naturally. So, vast numbers feel like they have to pony up to measure up. Beauty is big business.

Celebrity role models with their endless coffers and daily close-ups lead the pack, but cosmetic procedures are popular among every demographic... keep reading

“Creative” Things Designers Do: Area Based Encodings

In the past two weeks, we showed you some of the ways designers get creative with pie charts and bar charts. Another class of visualizations that designers use is based on area representations of data. These charts include everything from scaled bubbles to ISOTYPE visualizations, and they vary widely in their effectiveness. Let’s take... keep reading

11 Infographics That Will Help You Improve Your Grammar and Spelling

In the era of texting, instant messaging and grumpy cat memes, proper grammar and spelling seem to have taken a backseat to the need to communicate with finger-busting speed. But while ignoring spelling and grammar rules when texting your friends may be OK (honestly, though: it isn’t), once those pesky errors find their way... keep reading