For Data Swamped Apple Users, Tableau Releases Mac Version

For Data Swamped Apple Users, Tableau Releases Mac Version

If you’re an Apple and Tableau user who’s begrudgingly running a pesky virtual machine, bogging down your sleek Apple hardware with an unwelcome guest operating system or rebooting to Windows every time you need to visualize some numbers, today is the day you’ve been waiting for: Tableau 8.2 is now available on OS X.


To celebrate the new version, Tableau is hosting a launch party in San Francisco, and a Twitter chat using #DatatotheMac.

In addition to working on a new platform, Tableau 8.2 has some great new features:

Story Points

In the interest of better data presentation, Story Points lets users build their own stories to take their audience through a visual narrative. This example by Ellie Fields based on work by Christian McDonald does a great job of showing it off.

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