11 Mascots That Embody College Football Fandom

11 Mascots That Embody College Football Fandom

With the college football season set to get underway Aug. 27 for Division I-A teams in the National College Athletic Association (NCAA), fans everywhere are scouring conference schedules, speculating about red-shirt talent and preparing to stick it to their rivals (hopefully).

Yet whether you’re a college football addict or merely a casual observer, one element of the sport is a surefire hit with young and old alike: mascots. They run! They jump! They do pushups on the field at halftime!

Beyond their sheer entertainment value, these plush pals are excellent examples of effective marketing in action. They’re tall, colorful and representative of all the things we adore about our favorite schools. That’s why we’ve chosen to highlight one fantastic mascot from each of the NCAA’s 11 Division I-A conferences. Along the way, we’ll point out features that qualify these characters to be brand ambassadors—and some fun history along... keep reading

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