Building Your Audience On Feedly, Flipboard, And More

Building Your Audience On Feedly, Flipboard, And More

Marketing your brand across the myriad of popular social networks is like having a houseful of pets. They’re all wonderful but each personality requires slightly different care and feeding.

Let’s take a look at some best practices for sharing content and building your audience across today’s most popular social media channels.


A relative newcomer to the scene, Flipboard helps brands engage customers by creating targeted digital magazines within the Flipboard environment. When building your own magazine, take your cue from Banana Republic. They hit all the right notes with a combination of how-to guides, videos, beautiful imagery, and offsite links to great blog content that supports their brand’s goals.

Who uses Flipboard: People who like to read magazines

  • Curated magazines aren’t just just for retailers. Brands can use them to create buzz around a specific event, industry news, or even training and education resources.
  • Make sure your magazine cover is eye-catching enough... keep reading

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