What Movie Genres Can Teach You About Content Marketing

What Movie Genres Can Teach You About Content Marketing

Everyone likes a great movie, especially media-obsessed marketers. Movies and marketing campaigns share much in common – both must have a believable premise, a compelling narrative, and interesting content. However, a key difference exits in how movies and marketing are defined.

Movies are most often defined by genre (action, comedy, drama), while marketing campaigns reflect the medium they use (print, TV, online, mixed). This outlook is the standard, but thinking about marketing the way we think about movies can lead to more creative and inspired storytelling.

Lets start with the Documentary, which overlaps the most with traditional marketing concepts. A documentary tells a story by diving into a topic’s most remarkable and noteworthy aspects, similar to a traditional advertisement. Infographics, such as the Visually-produced What Are The Odds?, take data and convey it in a narrative format that is similar to the unfolding of a documentary.

Video marketing mediums such... keep reading

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Jon Schwabish and Severino Ribecca recently released a poster taxonomy of different types of charts, and how they all relate to each other. We think this is a great resource for designers everywhere, so we were especially interested in their take on the project. The Graphic Continuum began as I thought about the different... keep reading