“Creative” Things Designers Do: Line Chart Edition

“Creative” Things Designers Do: Line Chart Edition

In the past three weeks, we’ve been running a series on the tweaks that designers do to charts to make them fit the aesthetics of the graphics they are creating. So far, we showed you some of the ways designers get creative with pie charts, bar charts and area based encodings.

Line charts also get tweaked by designers, with varying degrees of detriment to their communicativeness. Let’s take a look at five ways designers use line charts, and dissect if and how they are harming the communication of the data.

  • Curved Lines are one of the most common ways that designers change line charts. The added interpolation on the charts can help to make a chart with sharp peaks and valleys easier to read, but it also makes the resolution of the data look higher than it actually is. This can be misleading and make it look... keep reading

  • Is Cartography Dead?

    People sometimes ask me if cartography is dead. Students wonder if they should pick something else to stake a career in. Professionals wonder if their business will dry up soon. No one really knows what’s coming, or if “cartographer” is soon to be listed alongside “cooper” and “cartwright” in the tally of occupations of... keep reading

    Reporting From CHI 2013

    Data visualization often falls under the field of Human Computer Interaction, but HCI contains much more than data visualization. It covers everything from physical input devices, to digital interfaces, to social and psychological effects of computers. CHI is a huge computer science conference that covers everything and anything related to computer-human interaction. Here are... keep reading