5 Useful How-To Infographics: Turn Your Hobby into a Business, Learn to Focus and More

5 Useful How-To Infographics: Turn Your Hobby into a Business, Learn to Focus and More

Learning how to do things used to mean pouring over instruction manuals and textbooks, many of them lengthy treatises with confusing diagrams and boring text blocks. These how-to documents are notorious for stopping the casual hobbyist, dabbler, or total novice in her tracks. Like with other types of infographics, the name of the game for a how-to is accessibility. When a complex task is clearly laid out, explained and illustrated, even the inexperienced feel like anything’s possible. Here are some helpful, hilarious, and unexpected how-to infographics.

How to Focus

In the digital age, distractions abound. A workday is spent fielding communications from every direction: text messages, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, Skype video chats, and emails. It’s a wonder anything gets done, ever. But it does. Human beings are adaptable creatures. Still, the endless data stream gets the best of almost everyone now and then. Some seek medication to help hone focus.... keep reading

5 Art and Design Themes that Aren’t Going Away

The New Museum‘s second biennial Ideas City Streetfest inundated New York City’s Bowery area with educational booths, innovative ideas and community projects. It was part of a four-day exploration of the future of cities and this year’s theme, “untapped capital.” But really, it recycled a lot of old ideas — good ones. Many revolved... keep reading

Medical Information Literacy: Pamphlets or Infographics, What Works Best?

Medical pamphlets or posters have been doctor’s office mainstays for many decades. They promote healthy habits, like good nutrition or exercise; explain the risks of unhealthy habits, like smoking or drinking alcohol to excess; and educate about specific medical conditions, like high cholesterol or diabetes. Most include a call to action (write to this... keep reading