Designers: Our Craft Isn’t Threatened by an Interface and a Library of Icons

Designers: Our Craft Isn’t Threatened by an Interface and a Library of Icons

Squarespace introduced Squarespace Logo Wednesday: a service aimed at helping small businesses easily and quickly create logos. Naturally and understandably, the design community responded strongly in opposition to this idea–the same way we did when launched five years ago. Here are some responses on Twitter:

I just lost my respect for Squarespace. You folks know better, you are better, and I expect better than that. —

— Jordan Butcher (@workofself) January 22, 2014

Yep, all we need is more dumbing down of design. via @mgoldst

— Von Glitschka (@Vonster) January 22, 2014

I understand this viewpoint completely — but let’s try to look at it with objectivity:

Squarespace is a startup with a compelling product — and like any startup, they need to make decisions and build products that contribute to their growth.

This move is not an attempt to replace or offend... keep reading

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