Stupid Things Infographic Designers Do

Stupid Things Infographic Designers Do

Now that you know about many of the creative things that designers do to pie charts, bar charts, line charts, maps, and area based encodings, it’s time we showed you some of the stupid things designers do. These don’t fit into the category of creative, because they are just plain bad ideas for infographics. Doing these things could undermine your reputation and discredit the rest of your work.

  • Decorative Gears are fine, there is nothing wrong with a few gears to symbolize systems or work. The problem is when you draw gears that can’t possibly work, or with teeth that don’t line up. Odd numbers of gears all meshing in a loop will never work. Gears like this make people wonder if you really even understand how the world works.

  • Three Dimensional Charts are almost universally a bad idea. Don’t Do It.
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    Art Beyond the Map

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