Interactive Reveals Who Poses the Biggest Threat to House of Cards’ Frank Underwood

Interactive Reveals Who Poses the Biggest Threat to House of Cards’ Frank Underwood

The second season of Netflix award-winning show House of Cards begins Friday, February 14. In the weeks leading up to the much anticipated premiere, Guillaume Faure, Joanny Causse and Rahman Kalfane brainstormed, analyzed, crunched numbers and created an interactive experience that fans of the show will love. It lets you immerse yourself in the show’s games of power, learn more about its main characters — and find out who poses the biggest threat to its protagonist, Frank Underwood. Here’s what the project’s authors told us about their creative process.

We love the show and we’ve had a lot of conversations about it. We wanted to do something about Season 2: an informative online experience that gives viewers a synopsis about Season 1 and speculates about Season 2. An interactive visualization seemed to make the most sense.

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