The Top 20 Interactive Visualizations of 2013

The Top 20 Interactive Visualizations of 2013

Interactive websites are a great way to communicate visually. With modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, they now provide a nearly limitless multimedia canvas for designers, developers, journalists and animators to build interactive experiences. News organizations, non-profits, companies, and even ambitious individuals are producing incredible digital multimedia experiences as ways to get their message seen. Here are 20 of the best interactive projects we discovered on this year, in five categories: maps, visual reports, data explorers, timelines and scrollers.


Maps are a great way to showcase data that has any sort of location associated with it. The best maps help show spatial patterns or trends. Many maps are connected to timelines, so they can show spatial data over time.

1. Wikipedia Worldview by Simon Schulz

Point maps are a great way to display tons of information. They can have extremely high information density,... keep reading

HelpMeViz Provides Expert Data Visualization Advice

If you’ve ever struggled with a complex data set or a visualization that just isn’t showing what you want it to, HelpMeViz may be just the website for you. Jon Schwabish started it on December 2, 2013, out of a desire to help people everywhere communicate their data as clearly as possible. It is... keep reading

Visualizing Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, as the old song goes, but is it possible to calculate exactly how jolly we are through data sets? A scientific analysis of Christmas and all of its related traditions has long been a point of humorous inquiry, with scientists from serious organizations like the Institute of Physics... keep reading