Breaking Down the NSA Surveillance Program

Breaking Down the NSA Surveillance Program

The administration, lawmakers and the intelligence community have claimed the National Security Agency (NSA) programs that use data from private companies to track millions of American are legal. One mysterious court has been tasked with determining whether these programs cross the line, but their decisions are secret, and made without public debate.

The surveillance program that first made news involved collecting the metadata on millions of telephone calls with help from telecommunications giant Verizon. The program is complicated and not much is known yet, so we decided to show you what we do know with the help of visuals.

We start with a flow chart about how the NSA-Verizon program works and the players involved, and move on to a graphic that breaks down the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) and the elusive judges assigned to oversee each FISA application. At its peak in 2007, the FISC approved nearly 2,500... keep reading

Chart.js Personal Dashboard Challenge

Visually is pleased to be helping out Chart.js and ChallengePost with their Personal Dashboard Challenge. Stew Langille, Visually’s CEO, will be on the judging panel looking for some awesome dashboards, and we’d like to invite you to participate. How to Enter Use Chart.js to create a browser-based dashboard with three or more charts that... keep reading

Free Art and Education For All

No one believes in free education more than those who’ve experienced it. At Cooper Union, one of the the last tuition-free colleges in America, the issue has been especially poignant, since in April board members announced that students will begin paying tuition for the first time in the school’s 150-year history. Next year, admitted students... keep reading