Chart.js Personal Dashboard Challenge

Chart.js Personal Dashboard Challenge

Visually is pleased to be helping out Chart.js and ChallengePost with their Personal Dashboard Challenge. Stew Langille, Visually’s CEO, will be on the judging panel looking for some awesome dashboards, and we’d like to invite you to participate.

How to Enter

Use Chart.js to create a browser-based dashboard with three or more charts that visualize personal data in interesting ways. Visualize real data that will help you track personal activities, optimize your life, and inspire others. Data could include social activity, entertainment, exercise, eating, or anything else you don’t mind sharing publicly!

  • iPad mini 16GB for the three best submissions
  • Free t-shirts for the first 250 eligible submissions
  • The chance to contribute to an awesome GitHub project

If you want to optimize your life with a personal dashboard and participate, you’ll need to enter by July 11, 2013.

Happy Visualizing!

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