Using Graphs to Visualize Movie Character Relationships

Using Graphs to Visualize Movie Character Relationships

In the post-Facebook, Twitter and Google world, Internet users can be easily organized into a social graph: a web-like visualization of interconnected users that shows how each user is related to the next. At University of Cologne in Germany, student and film buff Michael Schober went to a lecture on social network analysis and began thinking about the various ways social graphs could be used to describe the world.

Facebook Social Graph Example via Business Insider

“I was absolutely fascinated by the way you could map information in a single graph and thereby give it a unique angle of view,” he said.

After watching Babel later that week, Schober thought he had spotted the movie’s social graph organization straight away.

“That’s where I thought it would be cool to extract the social graph from the movie script for a bunch of movies,... keep reading

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