How to Get Influencers to See and Share Your Content

How to Get Influencers to See and Share Your Content

On the Internet, messages are meant to be heard. From high-powered advertising agencies to in-house marketing departments to individuals with a few hundred Twitter followers, everyone yearns for their message to be conveyed and shared. Finding a high-powered industry influencer can help jumpstart a sharing craze and kick your message into viral overdrive. A single retweet, blog link or public compliment can do more than you think. Getting one, though, is a bit more difficult than tweeting what you strongly believe is the next “most epic” selfie at Ellen DeGeneres. (That stunt was a clever campaign by Samsung, anyway.)

So what can you do to improve your chances of an influencer noticing and sharing your content online? Start by following the five simple rules below.

1. Don’t Expect a Social Media Miracle

Let’s start with an unfortunate truth for those on the hunt for influencers’ attention. Trying... keep reading

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