How To Build User-Generated Content Into Your Marketing Strategy

If you’ve never heard the term user-generated content (UGC), you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past decade; running scared from your competitors; or under the false assumption that this method of information-sharing is moot, given it dates to at least the year 1665.

Regardless, you should take some time between now and the start of 2015 to assess your content-marketing strategy and identify ways to begin engaging your brand fans on a deeper level using the content they’ve created at zero cost to your organization.

In the following post, we explore three fundamental principles of user-generated content (UGC)—reasons behind its effectiveness in content marketing, legal considerations and where to find it. For a little extra fun, we’ve spotlighted three outstanding UGC campaigns that really bring this storytelling technique to life.

Why It’s Effective

The reason UGC is more impactful now than ever is because it has become extraordinarily popular in... keep reading

Resource Guide To Content Marketing Companies 2015

In part one of our write up on the Content Marketing Stack, we talked about many of the content marketing companies that have emerged in the last few years and gave some detail on how we created our stack. In this post, we present our definitive list of tools/companies/platforms that will help you navigate... keep reading

Building The Content Marketing Stack 2015

Evolving and rapidly expanding, the content marketing landscape has provided an arsenal of tools for marketers to create, curate, promote and analyze content. A rejection of traditional broadcast techniques; content marketing has become a mainstay in the marketing ecosystem. It is demand driven and highly focused on serving consumers with the content they want.... keep reading