How Audio Can Help Communicate Time Data

How Audio Can Help Communicate Time Data

Data Visualization is a great way to show off your data. It reveals patterns and trends, and can grab attention better than a table of numbers. But vision isn’t the only sense we can use to get a feel for data. Hearing can also be a great way to input data into our brains.

In our brain, visuals are processed extremely quickly, and we are in control of the order that we look at things. Good design helps to guide the eye through a layout, helping to ensure that people get the experience that the creator wants. Without a clear visual hierarchy, every viewer’s experience will vary widely, and many things will be seen out of order. Even with a good design, people take different amounts of time at each portion of the visual, so a consistent timeline is impossible to guarantee.

Audio, however, has to be experienced linearly through time. The... keep reading

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With news outlets like Forbes, The Washington Post, and even the New York Times welcoming brand journalism with native advertising opportunities, marketers need to be careful that they aren’t misleading or blurring the lines between “real journalism” and straight advertising. To start, it’s important to understand the differences between sponsored content and native advertising:... keep reading