Mobile Engagement: How to Build an App That Puts Your Customer First

Mobile Engagement: How to Build an App That Puts Your Customer First

When done right, an Android or iOS application can be a new user’s perfect introduction to your company, or an exciting way to engage existing fans. They pose a great opportunity for brands to get creative and try out new, fun ways to get people aware of and interacting with their products and platforms. We took a look at how some of the biggest names in the game are getting it right, and how others still seem to be figuring it out.


It’s no surprise the Walgreens app has a 4.5-star rating on the App Store, along with a slew of rave reviews from happy customers: one from last month reads, “The MOST user friendly and helpful APP!!” It’s a great example of a brand that really knows itself and its services, and thought long and hard about its existing and potential customer base and how to make... keep reading

Digital Interaction Makes Art Accessible at The Getty Museum

A typical visit to an art museum involves looking at art from a “safe” distance. Works of art are often behind ropes or even in glass cases. It is impossible to interact with the art, explore it, or even get an up-close look. This is to protect the art and make sure that it... keep reading

How to Get Influencers to See and Share Your Content

On the Internet, messages are meant to be heard. From high-powered advertising agencies to in-house marketing departments to individuals with a few hundred Twitter followers, everyone yearns for their message to be conveyed and shared. Finding a high-powered industry influencer can help jumpstart a sharing craze and kick your message into viral overdrive. A... keep reading