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Is Clickbait the New Face of Content Marketing?

written by Nick Rojas December 18, 2014

Listing Physical Visualizations

Listing Physical Visualizations

The vast majority of visualizations we experience in our lives come from the digital world. On rare occasion, they are printed out on a piece of paper, but even then, they are two dimensional. Even more rarely, visualizations are created in the three dimensional physical world.

Yvonne Jansen and Pierre Dragicevic have been working hard on developing and evaluating methods for visualizing data in the physical world. Their recent work on physical 3D bar charts shows that making things tangible has an advantage over digital 3D and even 2D visualizations. One part of evaluating the physical world as a place for visualizations to exist is to look at the history of tangible visualizations.

They have been compiling a list of physical objects and installations that show data in some way. This list ranges from as early as 5500 BC all... keep reading

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The Ultimate Video Playbook

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