How Lawyers Can Benefit From Visual Content

How Lawyers Can Benefit From Visual Content

Image via Flickr user Loozrboy

When most people think about studying law, they think fat, leather-bound tomes and densely worded texts. The formal, technical and sometimes incomprehensible nature of the wording used in legal documents even inspired it’s own term, “legalese,” as if it were written in a different language entirely.

However, some in the legal profession see a role for graphics and design to clarify what words alone cannot.

Margaret Hagan, a fellow at Stanford Law School, the creator of Open Law Lab and a lecturer at the Stanford, says that graphical representations of law can help regular people grasp concepts and experiences that are currently buried in dense language.

“Law right now tends to be communicated abstractly, which most often leads to confusion and intimidation,” she says. “Graphics can help illustrate the law in more comprehensible... keep reading

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