Stamen’s Map Stack

Stamen’s Map Stack

For a long time, making highly stylized maps has been an extremely manual process with tedious Photoshopping or drawing using Illustrator, but beautiful and accessible map creation is becoming a reality with Map Stack from Stamen. Stamen’s excellent team is up to their usual fantastic cartographic remixing with this new tool for creating visually stylized maps.

The tool is very similar to the Photoshop layers palette, with controls for masking, opacity, blend mode, coloration, and order.

The beauty of the system is that the available layers come from the Open Street Map API, so you have no data to load in, and all the hard work is done already. The tool really lets you focus on getting the visual qualities you want out of a map, instead of struggling with all the tedious details of creation.

After creating the map, Map Stack generates an... keep reading

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