How Does Data Visualization Work?

How Does Data Visualization Work?

We work with data visualizations so much at Visually, that we often forget not everyone is as familiar with them as we are. One of our goals is to increase the world’s visual literacy. An important step in that is teaching people how visualizations work.

As kids, many of us learned about pie charts, bar charts, line charts, and maybe even scatterplots. We might have even used colorful candy to make some of them. But this doesn’t mean that we learned how or why data visualization works.

Data visualization is an amazing tool. The data we deal with daily would be almost entirely inaccessible when locked up in numerical formats. Luckily, data visualization can help us to extract information, insights, or even knowledge from that data. It relies on the remarkable human visual system that turns visible light into meaningful semantics that inform our decisions.

The Human Visual System

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2013 Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards

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