How Much Personal Space Do You Have?

How Much Personal Space Do You Have?

If you live in an urban metropolis, you know how densely packed the population can get. With buildings growing ever taller and apartments stacking floors of people on top of each other, it can be difficult to determine exactly how much space everyone really has.

Andrew Bergmann, Creative Director at CNNMoney, set out to illustrate this point by presenting the density of the world’s most crowded cities in a way that he hoped would make the abstract numbers more relatable.

“Population density is measured by the number of people per square kilometer or square mile, but that’s hard to picture,” he said.

“When you flip the imperial equation on its head and multiply by the quantity of square feet in a square mile, you end up with square feet per person. That is the amount of space in relation to an individual …which gives us a much better... keep reading

Coloring with Association

Much color work for designers requires avoiding unintentional associations: Red and blue make any map seem partisan, while red and green will always feel a lot like Christmas. But in other design situations, such associations are intentional and helpful. Colors convey longstanding psychological and cultural ideas, and designers can use that to their benefit.... keep reading

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This Father’s Day weekend, many families will say “thanks” to their Dad by appealing to his love for food and family with the perfect backyard grill-out. Grills and summer heat, indeed, are the perfect ingredients for a casual Father’s Day BBQ this June 16. If you’re looking for some fun ideas for this weekend,... keep reading