You Don’t Need Complex Charts to Tell Powerful Stories

You Don’t Need Complex Charts to Tell Powerful Stories

One common misconception about creating infographics is that more is better. The more data, the better! The more eye-popping design, the better! Make those charts as complex as can be, turn that bar chart into a circle to make it more interesting… or just come up with a whole new type of chart that no one understands.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If your data tells a good story, sometimes all you need is a simple chart – one single chart – to tell it. No need to add more facts and figures, simply to expand on the argument — or to garnish everything with flashy images and eye-popping illustrations.

The graphic below illustrates this perfectly. Designed by Visually Creative Director Jared Fanning, it compares the racial demographics of America’s three most popular professional sports leagues – the NFL, MLB and NBA – to the overall racial composition... keep reading

Using Video and Data Visualization for Activism and Social Change

The Internet has given activists the ability to rally people from all corners of the world for a specific cause. Digital platforms like social media, email, blogs and websites have provided a way to deliver information instantly, to unprecedentedly large audiences. And these days, Internet activists have even more powerful tools for reaching out... keep reading

Explained With Infographics: How Will “Obamacare” Affect You?

Despite the continuing federal government shutdown in Washington, the Affordable Care Act’s open healthcare exchanges, or “marketplaces,” recently entered their second week, while still trying to work out bugs in their online operation. Since the federal shutdown stems from a Congressional Republican effort to defund critical parts of the ACA in the new federal... keep reading