Infoactive Aims to Simplify Infographic Creation

Infoactive Aims to Simplify Infographic Creation

Infoactive, the upstart web app where users can create fully customized, interactive infographics, is taking the tech world by storm. Infoactive grew as a part of the Montreal-based FounderFuel accelerator, won the Best Bootstrap Company award at SXSW 2013, and is nearing the end of an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, which concludes on December 18, 2013. As of Monday, Dec. 16, the campaign had well over 1,000 backers and had raised more than quadruple its $12,000 goal.

At its core, Infoactive is a beautiful and simple way to bring data to life. After linking data via Google Spreadsheet or CSV, Infoactive automatically generates infographics that can be further customized using different themes, styles, charts, graphs, and icons. The platform is ideal for creating sharp infographics based on surveys, polls, or any other constantly changing data. What’s more, these infographics are fully interactive, allowing users to... keep reading

Civic Data Challenge Winners Announced

The National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) announced the winners of the Civic Data Challenge during an online Google Hangout celebration on December 4th. The Civic Data Challenge is a competition bringing teams of innovative tech, data and design experts together with local community leaders. These teams have created cutting-edge websites, apps, or data visualizations... keep reading

How Instagram Direct Could Become a Contender in Messaging

Today, Instagram released ‘Instagram Direct.’ It’s a brilliant business move by Instagram/Facebook, and this is why: You see, even if you thought that Apple’s iMessage or Facebook’s messenger were poised to lead the race for dominance in smartphone messaging, in reality it’s a fragmented market and What’s App is killing it. Facebook knows this. So... keep reading