5 Design Lessons for Adults from Chip Kidd’s New Book for Kids

5 Design Lessons for Adults from Chip Kidd’s New Book for Kids

Iconic graphic designer Chip Kidd recently released Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design. It’s an introductory text on graphic design for kids, but its lessons hold just as well for adults doing data visualization. As information designers, we’re caught at the crux between good data and good design–and to create a good visualization, you must have both.

Whether you’re a numbers person or a visual person, this book provides a great, quick overview of design basics as techniques. Go is filled with great design tips and considerations, but we pulled out a list of five lessons that are especially poignant for information designers, adults and kids alike.

Form Follows Content

This is the most important lesson in graphic design. Often, and correctly, we take that adage to mean data first. What some forget is the second part, form, and how that is completely reliant on our data. Alternatively, it can be tempting to... keep reading

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