Relive All Your Check-Ins with Foursquare’s New “Time Machine”

Relive All Your Check-Ins with Foursquare’s New “Time Machine”

Ever wish you could relive a past trip or retrace your favorite places from years past? With its just-released new Time Machine feature, Foursquare allows you to do just that — in a fun, visual way.

The new feature generates a custom map out of all your Foursquare check-ins, then allows you to replay them over time. Each check-in is defined by several features, including a color to indicate its category (arts, college, nightlife, etc.) and a number for how many times you checked in total.

When played like a video, Time Machine is visually mesmerizing. Each location and path quickly flashes as it passes through the timeline, while the place stats flip by on the edges of the screen. The screen stays statically placed in each location, but every time there’s a large geographical leap, Time Machine flies you via airplane (or sometimes UFO)... keep reading

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