Visually Rediscover Your Favorite Songs with Hooktheory

Visually Rediscover Your Favorite Songs with Hooktheory

Hooktheory, a site that builds interactive tools to help musicians understand and write music, has created a new way for users to visually explore the construction of popular songs called Hooktheory Trends. Based off a crowdsourced database of 1,300 songs, the tool allows aspiring song writers or casual hobbyists to navigate through different color-coded chord progressions and see where they appear in familiar music.

The developers at Hooktheory said the interactive project was created in response to feedback they received after an initial study of chords from last year. Users wanted to know what songs used certain chord progressions and a way to use this knowledge to help them construct their own songs.

The interface for the tool is easy to use and straightforward. First, you can choose a key from a dropdown menu that displays popular color-coded chords:

Once you click a chord, the... keep reading

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