5 Ways to Leverage Your Data Successfully

5 Ways to Leverage Your Data Successfully

Data-driven marketing is no longer a mysterious buzzword or a novel business tactic. From Fortune 100 companies to nimble startups, businesses have learned how to leverage their internal data and translate it into business success. It’s no secret that ‘Big Data’ can contain a wealth of valuable insight and produce tangible results, be it new users, loyal customers or increased revenue. But to do that, you need to compile, analyze and communicate your data effectively. Here are five strategic approaches to leveraging your data for business success:

1. Use data to establish your brand as a thought leader.

In its startup days, Mint.com became known for analyzing user data to spot interesting retail, spending or saving trends. They created this infographic back in 2009, for example, when Blockbuster was still king and Netflix was known for mailing DVDs rather than streaming videos. By aggregating and analyzing anonymized entertainment spending data, Mint... keep reading

Interactive Reveals Who Poses the Biggest Threat to House of Cards’ Frank Underwood

The second season of Netflix award-winning show House of Cards begins Friday, February 14. In the weeks leading up to the much anticipated premiere, Guillaume Faure, Joanny Causse and Rahman Kalfane brainstormed, analyzed, crunched numbers and created an interactive experience that fans of the show will love. It lets you immerse yourself in the... keep reading

Plotly: For Pixel Perfect Charts

Plotly is a new charting tool built with designers in mind. It provides an easy way to get the raw chart visuals needed for all kinds of visual content. Plotly is a data analysis and graphing web app that lets you make precise and beautiful charts. Its like Tableau or Excel, but online, free,... keep reading