Headline, Meet Cover Photo: The True Secret to Creating Viral Content

Headline, Meet Cover Photo: The True Secret to Creating Viral Content

Promoting your business on social media successfully is a science: one that often involves number crunching, data analysis and diligent tracking, trending and graphing. And while social media managers and content strategists have yet to discover the formula for writing viral content, it isn’t for lack of trying.

Headlines, for example, play a big part in shareability: something the folks at ripenn recently took to a whole new level with their analysis of the top words used in 2,616 viral headlines from four popular websites. They examined attributes like character count, presence of numerical values in the headline and social shares, making raw data public in a downloadable spreadsheet. The team at Buffer then took it a step further, adding 400 top headlines from 20 additional websites. (Their analysis is here.)

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