Typography + Code: Human Design Elements + Algorithmic Procedures

Typography + Code: Human Design Elements + Algorithmic Procedures

In this digital world we live in, data truly is everywhere. Every computer interface you use contains data at a number of levels, including even the fonts that make up the letters you read. Yeohyun Ahn has used this data as the starting point in her TYPE+CODE II project.

She works in processing, and uses a variety of algorithms combined with human designed components to create her artwork. Her code heavily relies on the Geomerative library created by Ricard Marxer. But, Ahn doesn’t just jump straight into the code. She starts with hand drawn sketches that lay down the basic concept for a piece.

Once Ahn has an idea for a piece, she begins writing the code for it. The output of the code is rarely perfect at first, so her process includes a lot of iteration before... keep reading

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