Why Infographics are a Great Way to Show the History of the World

Why Infographics are a Great Way to Show the History of the World

The Infographic History of the World is a new book that continues to push the field of infographics forward. With beautiful printing and meaningful graphics, Valentina D’Efilippo has done a wonderful job of showing the history of the world.

Being a designer, I usually find it easier to present stories or ideas with scribbles, rather than simply trying to explain them with words. Often, complex stories are more easily communicated, understood and, ultimately, remembered, when they take visual form.

Aside from data and words, infographics use images and graphical representations. Those key elements – images, words and numbers – operate as a system for simplifying information, revealing new patterns, and producing new knowledge in various fields. In fact, they might not have always been called “infographics,” but info/data-based visualizations have always been around.

So, when the book’s editor, Craig Adams approached me with... keep reading

RAW: A Data Visualization Tool Built for Designers

So far, data visualization tools have typically been built for developers or data analysts. They often require programming knowledge or produce output that is completely unusable in any further design processes. Raw from Density Design aims to change that. Raw – Basic Tutorial from DensityDesign on Vimeo.   The tool is built by information... keep reading

Visual Inspiration: Learning and Communicating Good Design

At Visually, we are constantly looking for visual inspiration. Here are five articles, graphics or projects that have inspired us in the past week. How Google Taught Itself Good Design As a designer, I used to find using Google’s product so frustrating. Its inconsistency knew no bounds. But over the last three years, Google... keep reading