5 Ways to Bring Efficiency to your Content Development Strategy

5 Ways to Bring Efficiency to your Content Development Strategy

Content is king. Bill Gates is credited with first coining the term in a 1996 blog post, and the phrase has since been discussed, critiqued and repeated ad nauseam. Yet, it couldn’t be truer today. In an always on, internet-driven world, content is more important than ever and the competition for consumer eyeballs has never been stiffer.

Creating content is often difficult and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are five strategies to get the most out of your content marketing.

1. Hire an in-house editorial rockstar

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If your budget allows for it, a full time editor or content creator can mold the voice and personality of your brand. This content creator should be a master jack-of-all-trades: equal parts journalist, blogger and social media expert, with an attractive personality to match. In 2009, Groupon famously hired an “in-house comedian” in senior marketing copywriter Daniel Kibblesmith, who was... keep reading

Illustrating Film: A Matter of Distilling Images to the Very Basic

Movies have so much detail put into them, especially the great ones. Everything is carefully considered and planned: from an actor’s performance, camera angles and script writing, to props and scenery. Graphic representations of movies have to remove detail. They have limited physical space and don’t have the extra dimension of time to provide... keep reading

Submit Your Cartography Work to the Atlas of Design

Atlas of Design is running a cartography competition for a second volume of their publication. If you make beautiful maps, definitely check it out and submit your work. All mapmakers, be they professional, amateur, or somewhere in between, are invited to submit their work to the 2014 edition of the Atlas of Design. Every two... keep reading