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Is Clickbait the New Face of Content Marketing?

written by Nick Rojas December 18, 2014

Visually Announces Series A Funding

Visually Announces Series A Funding

Visual content is a big part of the future of the internet — and Visually’s investors are counting on it. We’re thrilled to announce the closing of our Series A financing round with $8.1 million. The round was led by Crosslink Ventures and included investments from Correlation Ventures, SoftTechVC, 500 Startups, Giza Ventures, Quest Ventures, and Kapor Capital (Mitch Kapor).

In the months ahead, we’ll be hard at work putting the investment toward a drastic shift in visual content creation and making it easier for global creatives to collaborate with each other and with customers. We’ll be using the funding to enter new markets and increase our supply of global talent touching on every aspect of the creation process, from ideation and data analysis, to distribution.

The traditional agency model of content creation was conceived in a time before the internet provided the connection and communication possibilities that make a marketplace model... keep reading

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7 Mistakes That Could Turn Your Corporate Video into a Corporate Disaster

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