3 Design Lessons from Edward Tufte’s Megaliths

3 Design Lessons from Edward Tufte’s Megaliths

"Megalith with 6 Elements," 2013, stone and air, 32 x 20 x height 15 feet or 10 x 6 x height 4.5 meters Ace the dog, height 27 inches or 70 centimeters

Design ideas can come from anywhere, but a trusted source is always welcome. This week we look to data visualizer Edward Tufte, who recently completed several new stone structures in his sprawling Connecticut sculpture park.

With the help of stone worker Dan Snow, Tufte assembled hundreds of tons of native rock into towering sculptures for Continuous Silent Megaliths: Structures of Unknown Significance.  The “stone+air” works are reminiscent of the land art movement that began in the ’60s—and bear an easy resemblance to Stonehenge.

Unlike his exhibition at ET Modern—in which he created abstracted versions of physicist Richard Feynman’s subatomic particle diagrams—these don’t represent anything, aside from good design. Indeed, Tufte, who told Visual.ly he’s currently in a ”manic state of... keep reading

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