Delicious Infographics: Nutritional Data, Visualized With Food

Delicious Infographics: Nutritional Data, Visualized With Food

It is well known that infographics can be informational, communicative, and even beautiful, but one designer aims to add another adjective to this list – nutritious. When Ryan MacEachern began a new low carbohydrate diet, he decided to also begin a new infographic project, Design x Food.

“I have always been fairly conscious of calorie intake,” MacEachern said, “but had never kept a diary of what I had eaten. The project really helped me to get a perspective on nutrition in food and portion size.”

Design x Food explores the nutritional content of typical foods against a carefully measured weeklong ledger of MacEachern’s bland new diet. Instead of using computer-generated visualizations to show the data, MacEachern let the food do the talking by turning them into the project’s graphs and charts. And instead of using the food he ate during his diet (a typical day might consist of... keep reading

Football vs. Cheerleading: Who Gets Hurt More?

Football is known for its big hits. While the gladiatorial style of play has helped fuel football’s popularity, it has also been the cause of numerous head injuries resulting in permanent damage. Now, football programs from the high school level to the NFL are under pressure to reduce the number of concussions suffered by... keep reading

The Faces of Facebook

Facebook is a monumentally huge platform, with 1.2 billion users and counting. Imagine seeing all of those faces together, like one huge family. The Faces of Facebook shows exactly that. Thanks to the genius Creative Technologist, Natalia Rojas, every Facebook user’s profile picture is shown in chronological order. Explore more infographics like this one... keep reading