The Civic Data Challenge: Creation Phase

The Civic Data Challenge: Creation Phase

The Civic Data Challenge has just completed the ideation phase and entered its creation phase. The ideation phase was fantastically successful, drawing on civic health data to address several civic problems. Some of the ideas include:

  • An online nonprofit mapping tool to more efficiently bridge the gap between services provided and community needs,
  • A Civic Heartbeat website to provide citizens with a simple and intuitive way to monitor their community’s civic health lifeline,
  • A Realtime Resources app to connect New Orleans residents with quality social services in an effort to reduce street violence.

Now, developers, designers, data scientists, journalists and nonprofit leaders are all teaming up, picking ideas, and building applications and visualizations to solve civic data problems. Participants are encouraged to develop one of the ideas shared during Ideation or create their own. If you’ve got data, design, or visualization skills, you can find the... keep reading

Telemetry Uses Data Visualization to Take Race Cars to the Next Level

Motorsport is one of the world’s most popular spectator activities, and one of the most data-heavy. While the average three-hour baseball game can generate three million data points, a one-hour car race can generate well over 8 million. All these data points are the result of telemetry systems that can use more than 100... keep reading

Rain Room Won’t Rain on Your Parade

The best interactive designs feel natural — like they weren’t “designed” to begin with. They just work and make sense. Waiting in line in hot and humid Midtown Manhattan for three-plus hours makes little sense — unless you’re jonesing for good interactive design and the experience of standing in a downpour without getting wet.... keep reading