How to Turn Infographics Into Effective Teaching Tools

How to Turn Infographics Into Effective Teaching Tools

Infographics have already established themselves as engaging news and marketing tools, but they are also entering the education space in new and exciting ways.

Teachers can find infographics useful classroom tools in a number of ways. Most prominently, a good graphic makes information easily accessible, as it feeds into many students’ natural tendency to learn by seeing and interacting.

As educators around the country transition to the new Common Core State Standards, infographics can help them meet their learning goals. For those unfamiliar with the Common Core conversation, the new standards are meant to “provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn,” across the U.S. public education system.

Despite the arguments of CC detractors, what students are “expected to learn” are not facts so much as argumentation, logic and how to vet and interpret information. The goal of the system is to help students distill... keep reading

Learning From Mistakes in Visualization

Doing data visualizations correctly takes careful consideration. Incorrectly visualizing something can be misleading, embarassing, and even damaging to reputations. In order to do it correctly, it can often be useful to think about the visualization from several different angles before settling on the final version. Looking at good examples of data visualization is certainly... keep reading

Subtleties of Color: Addendum

About a year ago, we published a blog post framed as a letter to NASA, asking them to stop using rainbow color scales. The post was written out of a general frustration with rainbow color scales, but especially out of seeing field experts and leaders, like NASA, using a perceptually incorrect color scale. We... keep reading