Visually Launches New Marketplace, Project Center

Visually Launches New Marketplace, Project Center

Data and visual storytelling are playing an ever bigger role in how companies, organizations and media communicate with their customers. Yet – or perhaps because of that – the web has become cluttered with subpar-quality infographics and poorly designed visual presentations.

At Visually, our main goal is to enable companies to create high-quality infographics, data visualizations and videos that communicate their stories and ideas in the most compelling way possible. We do that by assembling the perfect creative team for each customer’s needs, typically made up of a certified designer, data journalist and project manager.

Today, we take our goal a step further by launching our new and improved Visually Platform: our new Project Center will deliver high quality data visualizations at unprecedented speed and at a scale that can keep up with businesses’ needs, without sacrificing the analysis and design quality for which Visually is known.

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