What Makes a Visually Staff Pick?

What Makes a Visually Staff Pick?

Each day, the graphics submitted to Visually are examined by our staff for shining examples of good work. The best are given the badge of Staff Pick. Being staff picked is an honor for everyone involved in a project: publisher, writer, designer, developer and animator alike. It means that Visually recognizes the project as an example of superior work in the domain of information design and visual presentation.

Since the Staff Pick badge holds some prestige, we often get requests for people’s work to be staff picked. Staff picks don’t happen at request: rather, they follow a set of guidelines established to select only the best work uploaded to Visual.ly.

We thought it would be helpful to tell the visualization community what those guidelines are, so the process is as clear and transparent as possible.

At minimum, a staff pick must have keep reading

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How Does Data Visualization Work?

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