Micro-content: The Best Way to Diversify Your Content Strategy

Micro-content: The Best Way to Diversify Your Content Strategy

If you want to develop a successful content marketing strategy these days, creating high-quality content is just the beginning. You could add value – and shelf life – to your videos, infographics and even articles by simply using your existing creative assets to develop an accompaniment of related micro-content.

Micro-content is just that: micro content, usually optimized for distribution on social media networks. Think single images that tease a larger infographic and can be shared on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram; or six-second videos to share on Vine or Instagram that can serve as previews for longer videos.

Say you put a lot of time and effort into a video about the horrible consequences of the US Drug War. Before you step up to the plate and hope for a home run with the video, try and load the bases with micro-content:


This is a powerful image that, combined... keep reading

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