Rain Room Won’t Rain on Your Parade

Rain Room Won’t Rain on Your Parade

Photo: Rani Molla

The best interactive designs feel natural — like they weren’t “designed” to begin with. They just work and make sense.

Waiting in line in hot and humid Midtown Manhattan for three-plus hours makes little sense — unless you’re jonesing for good interactive design and the experience of standing in a downpour without getting wet.

Installation view of Random International’s Rain Room at The Museum of Modern Art, as part of MoMA PS1′s EXPO 1: New York, 2013. Photo: Charles Roussel.

Rain Room is part of of the Museum of Modern Art‘s PS1 exhibition EXPO 1: New York, a spate of works in multiple locations that broadly relate to Earth’s ecology It’s a 1,000 square foot installation that lets visitors stand amid 220 gallons of rainwater falling per minute, all while remaining dry.

The installation’s creator, Random International, uses 3-D cameras to track... keep reading

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