Visually Content Hack: How Marketers Can Take a Page from Divergent’s Book Trailer

Visually Content Hack: How Marketers Can Take a Page from Divergent’s Book Trailer

The latest young adult sci-fi blockbuster Divergent hits theaters this weekend, and it isn’t the first movie (trilogy) based on a hugely popular book series.

It isn’t the first time, either, that the book’s massive audience will have seen the it “come to life” in a video format.

Enter the newest marketing trend for publishers: the book trailer.

Divergent’s book trailer is a 45-second long, animated teaser of the actual book by Harper Collins’ teen division, Harper Teen. It features no spoken word, no live action and no depiction of the characters or plot’s action.

Instead, the video uses animated copy and splashy special effects to summarize the book’s plot, synced with dramatic music and transitions. The trailer culminates in a final graphic with purchasing information about the title and the publisher, as well as a link to the book’s Facebook fan page.

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