Breaking Bad Graphic Shows Character Interconnectedness via Social Graph

Breaking Bad Graphic Shows Character Interconnectedness via Social Graph

Note: Minor Breaking Bad spoilers below. Read at your own risk.


At, we’re big fans of using graphs to visualize social structure — and equally big fans of the TV show Breaking Bad. So when we caught word of a project that visualizes the relationship between over 75 Breaking Bad characters on a social graph, we had to check it out.

Andy Bergmann, the creative director at CNNMoney, posted the graphic to his personal site Dubly on Monday. Although Bergmann only began watching on Netflix during the show’s final season, he quickly caught up and felt there was much more to explore in the world of Breaking Bad than just what was on the TV screen.

“The combination of stellar writing, acting and direction on Breaking Bad created a really compelling and unique narrative,” Bergmann said. “Subconsciously, I was keeping some sort of mental model running of... keep reading

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