How to Start Running

How to Start Running

Want to start running — for fitness, weight loss, endorphins, or any other reason — but don’t know if you can do it right?

Let’s make one thing clear first: You do not need to read books, watch videos, go through manuals, enlist the help of a coach or look at infographics about running to get started.

Like the infographic we’re about to share points out, “What you have to do is this: Abandon all reason and do it now.” [All copy for the graphic is credited to Runner's World magazine, specifically this article.]

Some may argue that what you’re about to see isn’t technically an “infographic.” There are no charts or illustrations, there is no data. There is just a stock image and strategically placed information teaching you proper running form.

In its simplicity and straightforwardness, though, this “infographic-light” is the perfect way to get... keep reading

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