Visually Content Hack: Using Multiple Photos in a Tweet

Visually Content Hack: Using Multiple Photos in a Tweet

Twitter announced a set of new features last week, including photo tagging and multiple image uploads. Users can now share up to four photos in a single Tweet, as well as tag up to 10 people in a photo (similar to tagging on Facebook).

As with all new social media rules and features, marketers have a lot to gain by mastering and leveraging this new capability. Ad Age singled out a few brands, including Meaw Mix and General Electric, that area already endorsing the ability to make their Tweets more visual.

True brilliance is remembered by its effect on people, not things.

— General Electric (@generalelectric) March 28, 2014

Whether you are responsible for a brand’s social media communications or “Tweet” on behalf of your small business, you too can take advantage of the new “collage” capability. Here are a few ideas:

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