Freedom Fonts: ZXX protests the NSA

Freedom Fonts: ZXX protests the NSA

ZXX type specimen photograph

Ahead of our nation celebrating the Fourth of July and our independence from Great Britain, designer Sang Mun released a typeface that questions our independence from our own government.

Mun, who worked as special intelligence personnel for the NSA, created ZXX, a series of visually encrypted fonts that can’t be read by optical character recognition software. They are visible to the human eye and digitally to computers — meaning it’s not really a way to stop the NSA from snooping, but rather a way to demonstrate opposition to government surveillance.


Traditionally, the basic aim of a font is readability: to communicate information quickly and clearly. Fonts can also make a statement.

For Mun, who attended Rhode Island School of Design, the ZXX project is about raising awareness of citizen surveillance and creating a conversation around our... keep reading

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