Plotly: For Pixel Perfect Charts

Plotly: For Pixel Perfect Charts

Plotly is a new charting tool built with designers in mind. It provides an easy way to get the raw chart visuals needed for all kinds of visual content.

Plotly is a data analysis and graphing web app that lets you make precise and beautiful charts. Its like Tableau or Excel, but online, free, and far more flexible. Charts from conventional desktop programs can have a distinct look that’s tough to integrate with the aesthetic presentation of the rest of your content. As a data-driven designer or journalist, you want freedom in layout, colors, and chart elements, but quantitative precision, too, and we’re here to help!

If you’re a designer on Visually, you can use Plotly to create the “chart” part of your visuals. Plotly gives you the precision needed for data-driven graphics, without getting in your way, so you don’t have... keep reading

The Data Visualization Catalogue

If you’ve ever struggled with what visualization to create to best show the data you have, The Data Visualization Catalogue might provide just the help you need. Severino Ribecca has begun the process of categorizing data visualizations based on what relationships and properties of data that they show. With 54 visualizations currently slated to... keep reading

Interactive Map Reveals Where Football Players Call Home

Once the final whistle blows in the Super Bowl matchup between the Broncos and the Seahawks on February 2, die-hard football fans will have to wait nearly seven months for their favorite sport to begin once again – and that’s including preseason. While offseason football may seem uninteresting to some, it allows fans to... keep reading