HackingBullipedia: Culinary Visualization Contest

HackingBullipedia: Culinary Visualization Contest

Last week, world-renowned chef Ferran Adrià and Telefónica I+D unveiled HackingBullipedia: a unique global challenge to help build Bullipedia, an online gastronomic database of every piece of culinary knowledge ever gathered. The competition invites creative and talented people from around the world to contribute their own ideas and concepts to the Bullipedia project.

Aimed primarily at data scientists, designers and data visualization experts, HackingBullipedia is looking for inventive design proposals for tools, technologies and applications to help create what will become the world’s largest repository of gastronomic knowledge. This could include methods for collecting, indexing, classifying, organizing, representing and visualizing the data held within Bullipedia. Actually, there are few guidelines for participants, as the HackingBullipedia Team does not want to restrict people’s creativity!

Example ideas could include methods for food recognition in pictures, cuisine translation, cultural characterization or ways in which to visualize the... keep reading

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