To Create Great Stories, Data Journalists Need to Meet Designers More Than Half Way

To Create Great Stories, Data Journalists Need to Meet Designers More Than Half Way

Data journalism is a relatively new (at least in name) field of reporting. The amount of data created in our lives and work is increasing exponentially, so it makes sense to have journalists dedicated to making sense of it all.

But a journalist + data != a data journalist, or at least not a good one. Great data journalists have another essential quality: a sense of design.

At, we use a lot of data journalists and pair them with data designers to get projects done. Most of our journalists only meet the designer halfway by handing off a text-based outline that the design is then supposed to run up field with. This usually results in good projects, but not great projects.

A great data journalist, on the other hand, can elevate the outcome to greatness by meeting the designer more than half way — even if the designer is mediocre.

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