Illustrating Film: A Matter of Distilling Images to the Very Basic

Illustrating Film: A Matter of Distilling Images to the Very Basic

Movies have so much detail put into them, especially the great ones. Everything is carefully considered and planned: from an actor’s performance, camera angles and script writing, to props and scenery.

Graphic representations of movies have to remove detail. They have limited physical space and don’t have the extra dimension of time to provide all the depth that a movie can. This means that designers have to be very selective with what they include in a graphic that represents a movie.

Some designers have taken this reduction a step further and distilled their imagery down to the very basic. They include just enough detail to show the viewer what the topic is – and often let the viewer guess the movie the illustration represents. The commentary that these graphics provide is often taken as much from what has been removed as from what has been included.

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