Visual Inspiration: Learning and Communicating Good Design

Visual Inspiration: Learning and Communicating Good Design

At Visually, we are constantly looking for visual inspiration. Here are five articles, graphics or projects that have inspired us in the past week.

How Google Taught Itself Good Design

As a designer, I used to find using Google’s product so frustrating. Its inconsistency knew no bounds. But over the last three years, Google has changed: they’ve mastered creating products that are simple and infinitely useful.

They’re placing emphasis on making products that are beautiful. It’s somewhat a designer’s dream, watching Google go from no design to design-centric, which shows that good design can be achieved by any company. Just how is Google doing this? This article gives you the details.

What a Messy Desk Says About You

Sometimes, I come across photos of a designer’s desk that’s so clean and well organized, and I’d wonder — why can’t I do this? My desk is always... keep reading

Prototypo Makes It Easier to Design Your Own Fonts

There comes a time in every designer’s life when the font she needs just doesn’t quite exist. Each project calls for a unique and holistic take on its subject matter — and the choice of font, with all its characteristics and personality, is integral to the overall design. That means in some cases existing fonts won’t... keep reading

Graph Visualization 101

Linkurious is working on better software to help people visualize graphs – or networks – easily. Of course, writing software is a powerful way to improve our ability to tackle complexity — but it’s no substitute for human intelligence. With that in mind, we are starting a series of posts that will teach you... keep reading