Personal Storytelling With API-Driven Infographics

Personal Storytelling With API-Driven Infographics

Vizify pulls data from your social media accounts to build you a personal website, featuring great visualizations and visual storytelling elements. Here, they share their thoughts on telling personal stories – bios, if you will – with infographics.

Streams of personal data + algorithmic analysis + visualization = the ultimate feedback loop

With the proliferation of objects, sites and services capable of collecting information about us, we’re quickly approaching a time when data will be available on nearly every part of of our lives. We’re already creating huge amounts online by sharing, tweeting, friending, checking in, and every other action we take at the click of a mouse. Paradoxically, the more data we generate, the more difficult it becomes to derive meaning from it. What’s important? What isn’t? How do you decide? There’s a gulf between information gathering and comprehension. Our data remains unusable until it can be understood and actionable.

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