Lessons in Typography from the World’s Most Powerful Brands

Lessons in Typography from the World’s Most Powerful Brands

The fonts you choose for both your logo and your content can say a lot about your brand. Because of this, big brands are extremely particular about their typography choices and smaller brands can learn a lot from studying their visual decision making.

After looking at the corporate styling guides for many of the companies on Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful brands, several trends became apparent.

For better or for worse, everyone still loves Helvetica

This should come as no surprise. The ubiquity of Helvetica in graphic design is well known and understandable; as a clean, simple and enduring typeface, it’s always a safe choice.

Helvetica has a straight, even and machined look to it, an aesthetic that makes it neutral and adaptable for many different purposes. This is reflected by the type... keep reading

Content Millennials Actually Want: The Case For Brand Ethics and Authenticity

Millennials are an influential bunch. One reason for this is that they are fast becoming a major demographic category – depending on who you ask, up to 24% of the population. They’re also described as the first generation of “digital natives” – in other words, they’re experiencing more of their lives online than any... keep reading

Creating Charts for Presentations

Charts are one of the best ways to show a concept to someone. They are a great form of visual communication because they show the trend or pattern in data, along with the data itself. This means they show the proof behind the idea at the same time they are showing the idea. Since... keep reading