5 Easy Ways To Inject Life Into Your Editorial Calendar

5 Easy Ways To Inject Life Into Your Editorial Calendar

Burnout is the bane of the content creator. You nurture ideas into words and images; review, rework and reenergize them; and publish them into an endless digital stream of status updates. The cycle can get mighty wearisome, particularly when it’s unclear whether your target audience is even listening.

A robust editorial calendar is among the best ways to catch their attention more often than not. A simple spreadsheet will do the trick. Write down the kinds of content you plan to create, down to the day or even hour, and the seasonal themes you might embrace, from the holidays to current news events. You’ll use this spreadsheet to keep content production on track, from initial idea through to final delivarable and publication.

Top-notch editorial calendars blend predictability with flexibility, offering up posts people have come to expect at certain times of the year while delighting them with the unexpected. If you’re... keep reading

24 Days of Content Marketing

Sometimes ideas build like a thunderstorm in the distance. Those you can plan for. But often they come like a bolt of lightning, igniting a nearby tree and you just have to run with it. I came up with the idea to do a string of micro-content based on content marketing, and release one... keep reading

Getting Started With Digital Asset Management

Back when content marketing was just getting its sea legs, crafting a message for your website or blog was a simple affair. Write a couple of paragraphs, give it a great headline, and call it a day. Now creating good content requires a toolbox of digital paraphernalia like images, videos, slide-decks, infographics, animation, and... keep reading