Massive Visualizations at CeBIT Depict The Scale of “Big Data”

Massive Visualizations at CeBIT Depict The Scale of “Big Data”

“Big Data Vortex” - An immersive panorama of binary maps, gel electrophoresis tracks, overlapping sine waves and geodata mounted on a sweeping, arciform section of tubing. The graphic speaks to the ubiquity and increasing presence of Big Data in contemporary life. Photo by David Levene, courtesy of KRAM/WEISSHAAR

At this year’s CeBIT computer trade fair in Hannover, Germany, the world’s most impressive and eccentric new technology has been on display. But between the pole-dancing droids and the robot moon monkeys, the massive data visualizations on display at the fair’s CODE_n exhibition in Hall 16 have turned heads with their artistry, execution and scale.

CODE_n bills itself as an international initiative for digital pioneers, innovators and groundbreaking startups. This year, it is focusing on big data. The elegantly complex visualizations that fill the exhibition hall’s more than... keep reading

Infographic Competition: Visualizing the Scale of the Brain

This competition has ended. The winners can be seen here. President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative has brought brain mapping to the forefront of popular science. But what does it mean to map the brain? One human brain contains seven orders of magnitude of spatial complexity and at least 10 orders of temporal magnitude. These numbers... keep reading

The King of Content’s SXSW Content Marketing Treasures

Hear ye, hear ye, subjects of the land of Austin, Texas: the King of Content has given #SXSWi’s royal marketers an audience and has proclaimed the following marketing campaigns to be the most impressive in the kingdom. 1. King-sized photo ops The King loves visuals and has log ago decreed that a picture is... keep reading