The Next Data.Gov: More Data Transparency Through Improved Design

The Next Data.Gov: More Data Transparency Through Improved Design

The White House launched a radically redesigned website Tuesday, in an effort to improve government data transparency and easy access.

The redesign marks a major turning point for the website, which was launched in 2009 and underwent a light redesign in 2010. The new site boasts a rotating data visualization masthead (currently showing USGS earthquake data) followed by a stream of articles, reports, and social media posts, which is an eerily close replica of the Google+ stream.

Next.Data.Gov stream

Google+ stream

Data is now directly on the homepage, instead of buried beneath layers of links and menus of the old site.

Next.Data.Gov homepage

The redesign comes just one week after President Obama spoke on opening government data to the American people. “Dealing with the federal government is not... keep reading

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