HelpMeViz Provides Expert Data Visualization Advice

HelpMeViz Provides Expert Data Visualization Advice

If you’ve ever struggled with a complex data set or a visualization that just isn’t showing what you want it to, HelpMeViz may be just the website for you. Jon Schwabish started it on December 2, 2013, out of a desire to help people everywhere communicate their data as clearly as possible. It is easy to criticize completed visualizations and point out all the things they got wrong, but this doesn’t help improve those visualizations.

HelpMeViz enables visualization professionals to receive feedback on work in progress, projects they’ve already published but may want to revisit, or to see how others might have approached the data differently. The idea behind the website is to tap into the knowledge and expertise of the data visualization community to collect different viewpoints and ideas about how to visualize data. It’s rare that there is one “right” answer,... keep reading

Visualizing Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, as the old song goes, but is it possible to calculate exactly how jolly we are through data sets? A scientific analysis of Christmas and all of its related traditions has long been a point of humorous inquiry, with scientists from serious organizations like the Institute of Physics... keep reading

The 20 Most Powerful Storytelling Videos of 2013

Animated videos are quickly becoming a leading medium of choice for impactful story telling. That’s hardly surprising, considering how difficult it is to grab – and hold! – the attention of an audience these days. Consider this: in a study published back in 2008, nearly half of new web page visits lasted only 12... keep reading