The Power of Sports Data: Visualizing Passes Between NBA Players Offers New Game Insights

The Power of Sports Data: Visualizing Passes Between NBA Players Offers New Game Insights

The 2013-2014 season is the NBA’s first full year using SportVU technology in all NBA arenas, and basketball analytics have never been more powerful. For the non-statheads, SportVU is a six-camera system installed in the rafters of NBA arenas that collects incredibly detailed data about player movement 25 times per second. Examples include speed, distance to the ball, directional movement, touches, and more. SportVU began a test run in 2011-2012 and expanded to include the entire league this year. The NBA made the data open and free to the public in November on a special section of

This week, Andy Bergmann published his latest project on the NBA’s Hang Time blog - Analytics Art: NBA Passing. Bergmann’s graphic combines simple, striking design with advanced passing analysis from SportVU data that would have been unavailable just a few months ago.

The graphic depicts the number of passes between each team’s... keep reading

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