RAW: A Data Visualization Tool Built for Designers

RAW: A Data Visualization Tool Built for Designers

So far, data visualization tools have typically been built for developers or data analysts. They often require programming knowledge or produce output that is completely unusable in any further design processes. Raw from Density Design aims to change that.

Raw – Basic Tutorial from DensityDesign on Vimeo.


The tool is built by information designers, for information designers. They understand that “raw” vector output is what designers need. They get that the layout, sizing, and other data driven parts of a data visualization should be done by a computer, not by hand.

So they built a tool to generate a designer’s dream materials. Something where all the data-driven work is done, with nothing but design work left to do.


Raw is still an alpha, and density design is looking for improvements. Many questions about the tool are answered here, and if... keep reading

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