How To Pick The Right Video Type For Your Message

How To Pick The Right Video Type For Your Message

As video marketing becomes increasingly commonplace online, it’s important to know which video type will deliver your message most effectively. The sort of video that would interest clients of a B2B solution may not necessarily be the best direction if you’re running on a B2C platform. After all, the point of your video should be to increase ad awareness, brand awareness, and ROI, so you want to be certain you’re developing a video that can help you reach your goals.

Following is a list of various types of videos and the best applications of, and examples for, each.

Pre-Roll Videos

A format specific to YouTube, these videos precede YouTube content as paid advertisements. They are mostly used in B2C strategies for activism, entertainment, or retail.

The most successful pre-roll videos grab the viewer’s attention within the first five seconds of play (the amount of time before the “skip ad” button appears), and hold it... keep reading

Visualizing Dirty Jobs

Not every person enjoys working in that coveted corner office. In fact, thousands of people are employed in industries that might appear to most of us like a rerun of TV’s “Dirty Jobs”, complete with long hours spent beneath the hot sun hauling garbage, treating wastewater or educating neighborhoods about the need to leave... keep reading

How To Use Appropriated Advertising Imagery Appropriately

Appropriation, or the act of re-using and re-purposing pre-existing imagery, has long been an effective communication tool. Artists have appropriated imagery for decades to comment on pop culture, but advertisers and marketers also use appropriated imagery to make a connection with audiences. However, when not done correctly, “appropriation” can merely become a ripoff of... keep reading