5 Content Marketing Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Content Marketing Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss

As content marketing continues to evolve into an important part of a brand’s digital footprint and conversion strategy, the conference scene for practitioners and strategists offers valuable opportunities to discuss the latest trends, tools and emerging platforms with industry peers and thought leaders.

Collaborative and insightful, the best content marketing conferences will arm attendees with a deeper understanding of how content fits into a larger communications strategy — increasing conversions, loading the marketing funnel and benefiting search visibility. Choosing the right conference (or conferences) to attend can be challenging, especially in an industry as rapidly changing as digital marketing.

Here are five must-attend events you should consider adding to your calendar this year:

1. Content2Conversion

Date: May 6 – 7
Location: The Pershing Square Signature Center, NYC
Notable speakers:
Brent Adamson, co-author of “The Challenger Sale”
Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing
Pam Didner, Global Integrated Marketing Manager, Intel
Cost:... keep reading

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