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Is Clickbait the New Face of Content Marketing?

written by Nick Rojas December 18, 2014

How To Audit Your Content Marketing Plan

How To Audit Your Content Marketing Plan

Part One of the series on content marketing discussed how to set goals for a content marketing strategy, and explained that the goals relied largely upon the balance between desired outcome of the campaign, and exploiting the strengths and weaknesses of the content marketing theory.

Now that the goals of the campaign have been established–therefore setting the parameters to which the campaign adheres–it’s time to focus on the content portion of the strategy.

At its heart: content marketing is still a marketing strategy. We know the role that strategy plays, and the role that content plays in it, but how can the two work together efficiently, when they have separate goals.

The balance between content marketing and content strategy is delicate. Kristina Halvorson defines the former as the “creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute says that... keep reading

12 Tools For Creating And Discovering GIFs

Animated GIFs. You see them everywhere, usually as a response, reaction or qualifier that adds extra oomph to any statement. For the longest time GIFs have been associated with the Internet’s funny bone, but now brands are finding ways to incorporate this form of visual content into their marketing. After all, GIFs occupy a... keep reading

Top Content Marketing Trends Of 2014

2014 was a busy year for marketers. Content Marketing hit the big time, brands and agencies embraced micro-content, and video marketing proved that it is here to stay. Here are the 14 biggest content marketing trends we saw in ’14: 1. Content Marketing is the New Norm Content Marketing has come a long way since... keep reading