Adapting Your Marketing Strategy To Avoid Content Shock

Adapting Your Marketing Strategy To Avoid Content Shock

As doom-and-gloom as content shock sounds (Part I), there is significant dissent in the marketing community as to the likelihood that it would truly shake things up. In fact, there are several arguments that refute the integrity of the content shock theory.

Truly great content, like cream, will always rise to the top. While this may be true in some regards, the fact remains that in a content-shocked world, there would only be a comparatively few media outlets where that content would even have the chance to do well. Even now, when content marketing still reigns supreme, there are still a large number of site operators that simply don’t have the resources to really make a dent in the market.

In line with the theory that great content rises above the rest, Schaefer’s belief that companies with greater resources can, for all intents and purposes, buy up... keep reading

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