Visualizing Dirty Jobs

Visualizing Dirty Jobs

Not every person enjoys working in that coveted corner office. In fact, thousands of people are employed in industries that might appear to most of us like a rerun of TV’s “Dirty Jobs”, complete with long hours spent beneath the hot sun hauling garbage, treating wastewater or educating neighborhoods about the need to leave feral cats well enough alone.

As a tribute to these hard-working men and women, we’ve drawn together a selection of visualizations from government, industry and more that pull back the veil on these unheralded jobs. In the process, we hope you’ll enjoy learning a little bit about the work behind the scenes that enables our daily lives to continue in a clean and orderly fashion.

Along the way, we’ll assess the techniques that work (and don’t) when it comes to explaining the sometimes stinky, ever-necessary world of dirty professions. Find a great visualization about... keep reading

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