Visually Meetup: You Too Can Make Videos That Rock!

Visually Meetup: You Too Can Make Videos That Rock!

Video professionals, curious parties and marketplace creatives gathered at Visually’s San Francisco headquarters this Thursday, April 3, to talk about why – and how – we create video for the web. They offered tips, suggestions and a lively Q&A to aspiring web video makers.

Nick Vaka, Visually’s creative director for video, lead the discussion with the importance of online video, and some of the key purposes it serves for its purveyors and its audience. Nick explained how video can simplify complex concepts, explain how a product or service works (see the video below), or spread awareness for important social issues:

He went on to explain how video can be the most effective tool to not only spread your message, but to give it some much needed impact and engage your audience to drive them to action.

Joining Nick were two creative professionals currently on the Marketplace.... keep reading

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