Marketing To Millennials: Getting To Know America’s Weirdest Consumer Demographic

Marketing To Millennials: Getting To Know America’s Weirdest Consumer Demographic

Strictly speaking, anyone who turned 20 at some point between 2000 and 2010 is a Millennial, but the term is often applied more broadly to incorporate today’s older teens. If this sounds like your demographic then you’ll need to shed the outdated stereotypes.

There’s a temptation among those who’ve had their youthful peaks usurped to dismiss their successors as generally shallow, idiotic, and ethically dubious, doomed to be enslaved by the relentless progress of technology. At their core, however, the concerns once imposed onto the Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers were not significantly different to the ones we hear today.

This is not the “best-dressed, least-able, least-equipped generation ever,” once so pessimistically presumed to be following Paris Hilton, lemming-like, into mindless, unsustainable decadence. Millennials have weathered the worst economy since their grandparents’ age, and yet the pop-culture icons of their time are increasingly business-savvy entrepreneurs.

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