Blurred Lines: Is Native Advertising Bad Or Good?

Blurred Lines: Is Native Advertising Bad Or Good?

According to John Oliver, nobody wants advertising in his content, especially when that content is passing for news. He says, no matter how advertising is dressed up, if it’s advertising it’s not journalism. But what if that advertising has a legitimate newsworthy message? Is it possible for a creator with integrity to put aside her profit-driven hat long enough to identify and create good, responsible, educational content?

The digital media age is a world full of blurred lines: between reality and fiction, politics and entertainment, and editorial content and advertising. The idea of a dichotomy – a black and white categorization of all content all the time – may be an antiquarian’s dream.

Ads have long inundated content in myriad ways, across many different types of media. Ads becoming content was the next logical step. It’s happening. Railing against it won’t make it stop, but developing solid standards... keep reading

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