The View From Bloomberg

The View From Bloomberg

The importance and effectiveness of data visualization in parsing big data and relaying it in an informative, efficient and attention-grabbing way is hardly lost on publishers. Many of them have started producing custom visualizations on newsworthy topics — but only a few do it at a scale and quality level that puts them in the category of “World Class.” One of them is Bloomberg. To get a rare inside look at how they work internally, how the visualizations they produce fit into the organization’s strategy and how they measure the performance of those visualizations, we interviewed team leaders Timothy L. O’Brien, publisher of Bloomberg View, Lisa Strausfeld, co-head of Bloomberg Visual Data, and interactive designer Jeremy Diamond.

Drew Skau, Visualization Architect at Visually: Bloomberg View has been creating some amazing visualizations. Can you tell us how these visualizations fit into Bloomberg’s... keep reading

Bad Infographics

The infographic format is known for quite a few things, many of which are not positive. Ridiculously tall and skinny infographics exceed the attention span of viewers. Infographics created by clueless or inexperienced designers often have visualizations that don’t make sense. Many of them are designed purely as link bait with no meaningful content.... keep reading

How to Create A Culture Of Content Marketing From The Top Down

If you’ve ever been with a company and experienced push back from the higher ups or sales when you’ve tried to implement a content marketing plan, you know that it’s a tremendous obstacle to overcome. But when a whole company adopts a content marketing mindset, amazing things can happen. Before he became known as... keep reading