How Content Completes The Sales Cycle

How Content Completes The Sales Cycle

In terms of the sales process, we often think of content as being geared towards generating leads and attracting prospects. Marketers use content to get leads to the first stages of the sales cycle, and then salespeople take over to push them down the funnel. The legacy of disconnect between marketing and sales teams means there’s also a disconnect in the content that flows between. But if everyone’s on the same team to drive profitable business actions, having marketing content and sales collateral at opposite ends of the room is redundant.

So why do we think of content in just the first stages of the sales cycle? Sales personnel share a wealth of collateral with prospects and customers throughout the life of the sales process. Each stage demands educated conversations and an accessible supply of quality information. Integrating the notions of of content and collateral would seem like a natural... keep reading

7 Cardinal Sins Of Chartmaking

Charts are undeniably powerful tools for communication, but with great power comes great responsibility. Chart makers should be careful with their power and ensure they are using proper practices when creating charts. These Seven Cardinal Sins are sure to miscommunicate your data and are easy things to avoid. 1. Cropped Axes Context in charts... keep reading

Designing Infographics For Mobile

Infographics have long been a content marketers staple, but let’s face it, any content that requires viewers to pinch, zoom, and pan is going to turn people off. We simply cannot abandon mobile users if we want our content to have a maximum impact so that means we need to create or retro-fit infographics... keep reading