The Four Pieces of Your Social Media Pie

The Four Pieces of Your Social Media Pie

Social media serves as an ideal platform for visual content – when meticulously executed. Before you jump in to or as you’re revamping your strategy, consider your social media activities in these four pieces:

Platform – Start with legwork on the demographics of social networks. Much of this data is publicly available or easily attained by request. For example, a fishing equipment retailer may not find the female-user-heavy Pinterest audience valuable, opting instead to produce high-value content for a more male-engaged platform like Facebook or Twitter. However, activities like posting pictures of big customer catches, short videos and detailed information on advanced equipment, and images of great fishing spots are positive brand builders that platforms like Pinterest or Instagram serve well and can be executed with little effort.

Grade platforms against your target audience: how many of them are there? how much time do they spend there? how actively engaged... keep reading

Stickers, Vinyl And Instant Photos: The Return Of The Physical Object

In a trend that seems to buck the standard of increasing digitization of music, movies and television, the record industry has seen a well-publicized growth in vinyl sales in the past five years. During this “vinyl revival,” sales of LPs tripled from 2008 to 2013, and vinyl sales are already up more than 40... keep reading

4 Visual Tactics For White Paper Design

At their best, white papers can propel a business to the next level – by gaining new customers, circulating cutting edge research, or simple self-promotion. At their worst, they are never read. Perhaps the best way to draw readers in is by employing visual storytelling tactics. The practice can boost a presentation’s power, an... keep reading