A Brief Guide To Effective Online Video Advertising

A Brief Guide To Effective Online Video Advertising

You know that moment when you’re 20 minutes into a compelling online video and, mid-sentence, the screen fades to black? Momentarily, a flashy advertisement wrests control of your screen, tempting you to abandon hope and continue trolling Facebook.

That’s one way to approach online video advertising. But you might be relieved to know there is an ever-rising tidal wave of alternative video ad formats to meet your brand’s needs.
With these tools, you can artfully integrate your message into online programming without causing viewers to pull their hair out. Here’s a quick guide to the world of Internet video advertising for brands.

Videographer, Meet the Online Audience

To understand the opportunities available with online video advertising, it’s important to get a sense of just how vast an audience you can reach. Consider the following statistics:
(Cisco estimates video will comprise 2/3 of mobile online traffic in the near future)

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