Email Marketing is Getting Visual — Are You Ready to Play by the New Rules?

Email Marketing is Getting Visual — Are You Ready to Play by the New Rules?

Humans are visual creatures. Between 80% and 90% of the information received by the brain comes through the eyes, and the rate at which it processes images – an estimated 36,000 a minute! – is truly mind boggling.

Learning and communicating with visuals is in our nature and marketers know this. In a survey of major trends in the content marketing industry conducted by content curation platform Trapit, 82% of respondents said they believe that content is more likely to be consumed if it’s visual.

If Google’s field trial of changes to its email interface is any indication, visuals will play an ever bigger role in email marketing, as well. The new presentation view is practically tailor-made for getting pictures rather than text in front of reader eyeballs, thanks to a simple grid layout and the ability for senders to choose which image will... keep reading

The Difference Between B2B and B2C Content Marketing

When we think of branded content, the campaigns of packaged goods and restaurant chains typically come to mind. We picture Red Bull and Chipotle, viral videos and millennials — B2C marketing all the way. B2B branded content may not always be as visible, but it’s just as widespread and pursues the same goal: connecting... keep reading

Overcome Short Attention Spans with Micro-content

What can your advertising do in 10 seconds? Not a whole lot, you might think. But after a study from University of Hamburg and University of Hannover researchers proved that over 50% of Internet users stay on a webpage for less than 10 seconds, advertisers have focused on micro-content: clever, persuasive, and concise messages... keep reading