How To Set Goals For Your Content Marketing

How To Set Goals For Your Content Marketing

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Marketing has changed a lot since the days of broadcast. Generations X and Y get their news and entertainment from their smartphones, their tablets, and their notebook computers. And what’s worse (at least from a marketing perspective), they get this on-demand, watching what they want when they want. Marketers can no longer assume that they are speaking to either a common denominator or a captive audience. Commercials can be skipped over entirely or easily ignored while playing a video game or chatting with a friend on social media. All the more reason why you’ll have to work harder in order to get your message across.

Content marketing is a marketing technique predicated on the creation and distribution of valuable,relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

As the Content Marketing Institute so... keep reading

Listing Physical Visualizations

The vast majority of visualizations we experience in our lives come from the digital world. On rare occasion, they are printed out on a piece of paper, but even then, they are two dimensional. Even more rarely, visualizations are created in the three dimensional physical world. Yvonne Jansen and Pierre Dragicevic have been working... keep reading

How To Simplify Video Production By Doing It In The Cloud

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