5 Tips For Visual Social Media Content

5 Tips For Visual Social Media Content

6 in 10 social media updates are images. 3 in 10 updates are videos. Your success at growing and maintaining an engaged, active audience relies on your ability to produce relevant, visual social media content. Some points to consider as you plan visual content for social media:

  • Don’t think mobile, be mobile. Social media and mobile are married at the hip, offering a captive audience for you and convenience to users. Your job is to make sure that if they click into your content on a social media property from their mobile device your infographic, video, or interactive piece displays and performs consistently. Have the mobile conversation in the early planning stages, not as an after thought before launch.

  • Create content that interacts. Pieces that require user input or integrate user data to create personalized experiences stimulate more interest. Use interactive pieces that give users engaging... keep reading

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    Micro-content is now an essential part of any social media strategy. Brands have experimented with short-form content for some time now, but with a variety of social networks becoming dependent on this type of content, the appetite has never been greater. Take a gander at our marketer’s guide to micro-content ebook to learn more.... keep reading