The Graphic Continuum

The Graphic Continuum

Jon Schwabish and Severino Ribecca recently released a poster taxonomy of different types of charts, and how they all relate to each other. We think this is a great resource for designers everywhere, so we were especially interested in their take on the project.

The Graphic Continuum began as I thought about the different ways we can plot data into different types of charts. My understanding of the different relationships between charts evolved over time by reading a variety of data visualization books, sketching different ideas and layouts, and presenting my ideas to different audiences. As my thoughts developed, I wanted to create a visualization that showed these different chart types and how they relate to one another, and I wanted to create something tangible that people could hold and point to as they worked with their data and their visualizations. I eventually... keep reading

Adapting Your Marketing Strategy To Avoid Content Shock

As doom-and-gloom as content shock sounds (Part I), there is significant dissent in the marketing community as to the likelihood that it would truly shake things up. In fact, there are several arguments that refute the integrity of the content shock theory. Truly great content, like cream, will always rise to the top. While... keep reading

9 Classic Advertising Icons And What They Can Teach You About Social Media

Since the early days of marketing, advertising icons have been used to infuse personality into a brand and reinforce positioning similar to the way marketing content is used today. In their ability to endure and engage, there are lessons in these iconic advertising characters that you can use to enhance your content marketing strategy.... keep reading