How Marketers and Brands Can Use Native Storytelling on Social Channels


Creating great content isn’t worth much if you fail to reach the right audience.

It’s one of the reasons a modern marketer has to be well versed in things like landing pages, conversions, AdWords, analytics, SEO, and basic web development practices.

But there’s a deeper, more creative problem at play, too: it’s no longer possible to easily separate producing the content from how you distribute it. Native advertising, for example, has demonstrated the blurring of lines between telling a story and serving an ad.

One of the challenges is to avoid thinking of distribution as repackaging content that you already have.

Lee Odden noted recently:

“Many marketers that profess to be active storytellers are simply applying creative packaging to their marketing content.”

Marketers and brands may be excited about storytelling, but are they sharing those stories in formats / ways that fit natively into each medium? The reality is that most brands and marketers... keep reading

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