Uncover The Best Story: Tips For Finding A Narrative In The Data

Uncover The Best Story: Tips For Finding A Narrative In The Data

The Information Age is all about data… lots and lots and lots of it. It’s everywhere: data about computer use and cell phone calls, family dynamics and customer demographics, weather patterns and diseases. If you want to know how many people got the flu in Minneapolis, or used a credit card in Missouri, or called Hong Kong from Marina del Rey, you can probably find out. Collecting data is easier today than it has ever been. But as the numbers accrue, analyzing them has gotten more and more complicated.

Numerical data is so ubiquitous that it’s no longer just the purview of statisticians or analysts. Journalists are increasingly charged with transforming data sets into interesting narratives. But in many cases, it is no longer possible to see that narrative in a raw data file with the naked eye. So journalists need parsing tools to tease out stories, which means they need... keep reading

Best American Infographics 2014

Last year, The Best American Infographics book was a sweeping success because of its beautiful graphics, informative data visualizations, and great design. At first glance, this year’s edition promises to be just as great with an introduction by Nate Silver and a beautiful cover by Carl DeTorres. The book goes on sale today at... keep reading

Blurred Lines: Is Native Advertising Bad Or Good?

According to John Oliver, nobody wants advertising in his content, especially when that content is passing for news. He says, no matter how advertising is dressed up, if it’s advertising it’s not journalism. But what if that advertising has a legitimate newsworthy message? Is it possible for a creator with integrity to put aside... keep reading