Cultivate User-Generated Reviews to Elevate Content Credibility

Cultivate User-Generated Reviews to Elevate Content Credibility

Successful professionals rely on networking to build connections, forge partnerships and identify potential in untapped markets. In the same way, successful brands spend time with their customers to identify brand advocates and leverage their fandom in unique ways that take the company to the next level.

One way to draw on the support of those fans is by using comments shared on company websites, social media and review platforms to expose your brand to new audiences. After all, who doesn’t like a pat on the back every now and then?

First, locate favorable user-generated comments, photos and other content. Then, package that material into a presentation that is genuine and elevates fans as brand advocates, rather than making your brand out to be a master of market share. Your business depends on incredible customers, so the best approach requires humility and an artful sense of community to show that your success... keep reading

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5 Components Of A Killer Macro Strategy For Video Micro-Content

Video micro-content might have seemed like content marketing’s embarrassing little brother at some point — cute yet inconsequential. But times have changed. As smartphone use has ballooned and attention spans have narrowed, creating entertaining clips around a brand’s products or services is becoming increasingly common. At the same time, success isn’t guaranteed. In a... keep reading