Getting Started With Digital Asset Management

Getting Started With Digital Asset Management

Back when content marketing was just getting its sea legs, crafting a message for your website or blog was a simple affair. Write a couple of paragraphs, give it a great headline, and call it a day. Now creating good content requires a toolbox of digital paraphernalia like images, videos, slide-decks, infographics, animation, and music to go along with the written word.

A good digital asset management system (DAM) is crucial to managing, storing, and serving all the visual and textual collateral associated with your content and marketing strategies. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of DAM solutions available on the market today. Many cater to large corporations or academic environments with specialized storage and access needs but there are some lightweight options aimed at organizations that simply need a place to park assets.

Cloud or on-site?

While it’s tempting to just throw everything into Dropbox or Google Docs, that may... keep reading

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