Meetup Recap: Introductory D3 Workshop Meetup Recap: Introductory D3 Workshop

Confession: even when all 160 spots in’s latest meetup, the Introductory D3 Workshop for Beginners, filled up within days and the wait list piled up another 60-strong, we still thought this workshop would be more of a niche, cosy gathering (you know, geeky stuff).

But you proved us wrong! More than 100 attendees showed up at swissnex San Francisco and made this event one of our most successful to date. Thank you, and we hope to see you at our next one — we’ll let you know when and where that will be soon!

If you were there, head over to’s Facebook page, where we posted several photos — if you see yourself, be sure to tag it!

And if you couldn’t make it, below we’ve posted the presenters’ slides, along with full videos of their presentations, courtesy of Dave Kochbeck of... keep reading

From Data to Story: Dissecting a Well-Made Visualization

Last week, published a blog post by Drew Skau, containing a Code of Ethics for data visualization, and ending with this succinct “Hippocratic oath” for data visualization professionals, which deserves to be explored further: I shall not use visualization to intentionally hide or confuse the truth which it is intended to portray. I... keep reading

Using Selections in D3 to Make Data-Driven Visualizations

D3 is a new tool for designers and programmers working on creating interactive visualizations out of large data sets. We recently told you how to create choropleth maps in D3 with an easy, step-by-step tutorial. In this short video, we’ll go over the basics of using selections with d3.js to make data-driven visualizations. Interested... keep reading