4 Steps to Viral, Or How to Create Infographics That Blow up the Web

4 Steps to Viral, Or How to Create Infographics That Blow up the Web

Infographics have been growing like weeds in our content garden for the past few years. Some are beautiful and enlightening works of journalism and analysis; others are about boobs.

Whether you think they are the love child of data and journalism, or the bastard child of SEO and link bait, it doesn’t matter: the medium of visual communication is here to stay.

So how do you make an infographic that’s not only good, but ends up doing what you ultimately want to it do: resonate with people and blow up the web?

There are three main components to an awesome infographic:
story, design, and data.


Depending on your purpose, you likely don’t need all three. The most important one, at least to the viral end, is the story. And the story is usually where most of the “fail” happens. Below, I’ll give you my top four strategies for... keep reading

Let’s Get Cyclical: Four Ways to Visualize Periodicity

Visualizations can be very good at helping us spot patterns in data. Often, these patterns are periodic; most often repeating in time (although periodic patterns can also appear in spatial and other data dimensions). On the day of the year that messes with our calendar’s periodicity, it seems appropriate to go over four visualization... keep reading

A Musical Pyramid

Source: The World Reduced to Infographics, by Patrick Casey and Dr. Worm Miller; Ulysses Press (December 13, 2011).