The Ultimate Bar Crawl Beer Chart

The Ultimate Bar Crawl Beer Chart

St. Patrick’s day, as we all know, commemorates Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland (who was born in Scotland, by the way). You can head over to this Catholic encyclopedia or the History Channel for the rest of the lore, which includes captivity in Ireland, among other things.

But let’s be honest: for most of us St. Patrick’s day is, more than anything, the day of pub crawls, beer and our only chance to wear a high-top green hat without getting weird looks.

So in the spirit of this jolly green holiday, we have researched and compiled the chart below. It ranks beer by, simply put, its efficiency in getting you drunk for the least calories. We got alcohol content and calorie information here, then divided alcohol content by calories per ounce and arrived at what we’ve scientifically called a... keep reading

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