How to Create Viral Infographics, Part 3: Design

How to Create Viral Infographics, Part 3: Design

This is the final installment of our three-part series on creating viral infographics. Be sure to read the first two, on finding the right story and data.

Design is one of the most subjective aspects of a successful viral infographic. It may even seem to be inconsequential, as infographics of simple and even lacking design can achieve virality. But aesthetics is hugely important in a winning infographic because it is the most immediate and direct point of connection to the audience. 

It’s all about the audience

Just as the voice and style you use in a written article needs to match the audience — you wouldn’t use haikus for tech product reviews, would you? — the design style will need to match your audience for maximum impact. Do you have some data around unemployment or job trends? Think of your audience… WSJ readers, news carnivores: do they want something... keep reading

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How to Design Transit Map-Style Graphics

Transit maps like the London Underground “Tube” diagram or the New York subway map are an integral part of life in cities with public transportation. Their bright colors, large type and simplified route lines allow complex travel information to be quickly and easily understood by commuters and tourists alike. Recently, the subway map has... keep reading