30 Places to Find Open Data on the Web

30 Places to Find Open Data on the Web

Finding an interesting data set and a story it tells can be the most difficult part of producing an infographic or data visualization.

Data visualization is the end artifact, but it involves multiple steps – finding reliable data, getting the data in the right format, cleaning it up (an often underestimated step in the amount of time it takes!) and then finding the story you will eventually visualize.

Following is a list useful resources for finding data. Your needs will vary from one project to another, but this list is a great place to start — and bookmark.

1. Government and political data

Data.gov: This is the  go-to resource for government-related data. It claims to have up to 400,000 data sets, both raw data and geo spatial, in a variety of formats.

The only caveat in using the data sets is you have to make sure you clean them, since many have... keep reading

Best Practices: Maximum Elements For Different Visualization Types

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