Four Easy Visualization Mistakes to Avoid

Four Easy Visualization Mistakes to Avoid

Creating a great visualization is not as hard as it seems. Provided you have some interesting data and an effective tool with which to visualize it, a little bit of thoughtful design will lead to a decent result. That said, there are some mistakes that are very easy to make, but can ruin even a thoughtfully-made piece. Here are four data visualization mistakes you should avoid.

1. Serving the Presentation Without the Data

Which comes first: the presentation or the data? Oftentimes, in an effort to make a visualization more “interesting” or “cool”, designers will allow the presentation layer of a visualization to become more important than the data itself. The visualization captured below is an unfortunate casualty. A considerable amount of work went into it and there are parts that are informative, like the summary counters at the top left. However, without a scale or axis, the time series on the... keep reading

A Few Words About Words – For Designers and Artists

Huffman is one of the professionals and professors who spoke at the first Designing for the Divide conference at West Virginia University in Morgantown, sponsored by the Art and Design department with support from the School of Journalism. Presentations at the two-day conference in late March focused on design’s role in bridging social divides.... keep reading

The Social Media Venn Diagram

(source) It’s been a couple of years since this social media venn diagram first surfaced on the Internet — but for the most part it remains true as ever.