Lovely Letters: Leonardo Sonnoli Talks About the Heart of Typography

Lovely Letters: Leonardo Sonnoli Talks About the Heart of Typography

Graphic design is not only what you design, but what you’re designing for. To connect the product to the content, internationally renowned artist and typographer Leonardo Sonnoli suggests a thoughtful typeface.

Over the years, Sonnoli’s work has traveled from the faces of books and posters to the inner caverns of the Coliseum in Rome, to the pages of The New York Times Book Review. On Tuesday, May 1, it brought Sonnoli from Italy to New York for a presentation about inspiration, representation and the integral part content plays in design.

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The title of the presentation itself, I spray cologne on to my typography without smudging the ink, represents the relationship of those concepts. Before designing any project, Sonnoli considers his content, researches it and studies old books for inspiration. (He says much of graphic design... keep reading

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