Building and Breaking: The Graffiti and Typography of Greg Lamarche

Building and Breaking: The Graffiti and Typography of Greg Lamarche

For Greg Lamarche, inspiration flows in many directions. Graffiti informs his typography and typography informs his graffiti. On a recent evening in May, he spoke to a few dozen art, graphic design and typography enthusiasts about what it takes to keep design moving forward.

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Part of that involves looking back. “A lot of early graffiti was really kind of expanding on the typography that was already there,” said Lamarche, who paid homage to his New York City roots (Queens, to be precise) by wearing a Yankees cap during his presentation at the Type Directors Club in New York. “My whole visual memory was of graffiti being there.”

What was also “there,” inspiring and ultimately seeping into the work of the longtime multimedia letterist, were other artists (most notably, German collage artist Kurt Schwitters), band logos, architecture,... keep reading

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