Visualized: A Closer Look at North Carolina’s Vote on Marriage Rights

Visualized: A Closer Look at North Carolina’s Vote on Marriage Rights

The issue of gay marriage is a contentious one, and we recently had yet another glimpse at just how controversial it could be when North Carolina residents got the chance to vote on it on May 8, 2012.

North Carolina state constitution Amendment One, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman and bars the state from recognizing domestic partnerships or civil unions (same sex or otherwise), was passed by popular vote: 61.05% for; 38.95% against. Same sex marriage was already illegal in North Carolina; the amendment added the ban to the state constitution.

After the amendment was passed, several maps began circulating social media services, pointing out some pretty telling correlations. Unfortunately, these maps were not sourced well, the data analysis was not necessarily trustworthy, and there were a few features that would improve them.

We felt that many of these maps only told part of the story behind Amendment... keep reading

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