The Dangers of Scale: Visualizing the Hills of Bay to Breakers

The Dangers of Scale: Visualizing the Hills of Bay to Breakers

If you live in San Francisco, chances are you’ve heard of a “little” running event happening this Sunday, May 20: The Bay to Breakers race, having taken place every single year since 1912, is an institution. It is said to be the biggest party in running. Also, reportedly, in addition to the serious runners, there are those who “run” it drunk and/or naked, but that’s perhaps a story for another publication.

As a race-loving runner who moved to the Bay area less than two years ago, this year is my first chance to run Bay to Breakers. And since I live in South Bay, it is also my first chance to run across San Francisco and its infamous hills.

I didn’t have time to test-run the course — a decision I may regret on Sunday. But two days before the race, I decided to study the elevation maps and see where... keep reading

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