6 Websites to Satisfy Your Daily Data Visualization Cravings

6 Websites to Satisfy Your Daily Data Visualization Cravings

Here at Visual.ly we spend our days viewing, creating, finding, designing, and proofing data visualizations and infographics. By the end of each day, we have gotten our fix several times over. But not everyone who wants visualizations in their daily life has so much time to devote to finding them. If you are a little more casual about it but still need your fix, having a feed of regularly updated, pre-vetted data visualizations is really convenient.

Here are six sites that do just that.

  • I Love Charts
  • The most lighthearted of these feeds is I Love Charts. They feature several simple charts each day. Many of them are tongue-in-cheek or use visualization humor. The image at the top of the post is from their blog, so as you can see, they are definitely a great way to get a few visual laughs for the day.

  • Daily Infographic
  • Another site... keep reading

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